32 new LEGO Star Wars sets and a poster of facts all fans should know


Q: Exactly what is Admiral Ackbar Drinking?


How is E not Emperor Palpatine?

Yeah, no kidding. Who the hell is…

(checks the Wookieepedia)

Oh. New guy. From Rebels. Okay, well. There it is.

Stephen, they don’t make this stuff for us anymore.


no link to the source images/announcement at LEGO? i can’t read even the blown-up version of the darker poster. yes yes yes, i’m old – original star wars generation here, yo.


I quite like Star Wars Rebels. It’s a damn sight better than the cartoons I watched as a kid.

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That’s the most adorable AT-AT I’ve ever seen.

[quote=“paralipsis, post:7, topic:51902, full:true”]I quite like Star Wars Rebels. It’s a damn sight better than the cartoons I watched as a kid.[/quote]My problem is that they completely dropped Clone Wars with little notice to the writers when they decided to switch to Rebels. The show was finally starting to get really interesting, especially the Ahsoka/Ventress arcs in season 5. While they finished out part of season 6, apparently they already were starting on 7, and had plot planned out for 8.

Clone Wars was delving into deeper subject matter and appealing to adults with the somewhat darker themes, while still being generally kid-appropriate. The new Rebels series is a complete shift into a more kid-friendly style, and leaves much less of interest for adult viewers. This isn’t a problem per se - to keep a franchise running, it’s best to get kids interested early - but it does leave adults feeling disenfranchised. And for those of us who were actually watching Clone Wars, it leaves us reluctant to invest in a new series - Disney has shown is has no problem cutting successful series off in the middle of a run if they decide they want to shift marketing plans, so why bother watching if we’ll only get half a story? Disney could have let Clone Wars finish out, running the two series in tandem for a few seasons. Instead we’re left with one unfinished series, and an overly kid-friendly semi-replacement.


Bah. The Tartakovsky Clone Wars is the only true Clone Wars.

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[quote=“L_Mariachi, post:10, topic:51902, full:true”]Bah. The Tartakovsky Clone Wars is the only true Clone Wars.[/quote]The Tartakovsky Clone Wars was very good, and I don’t like that they basically disavowed the existence of them with their DVD releases (the CGI series should have started as “season 3”, or at least have the box set also contain the original series). And while the earlier seasons of the CGI version did suck in comparison to T’s version, the later seasons I actually like better then the original’s two.

i was thinking the same thing, and then i looked at the other models and started thinking about the models i had as a kid, and i really don’t think these new ones measure up. i can’t decide whether they’re trying to get away with giving you as few pieces as possible, or someone decided to apply the concept of “chibi” to lego sets (or maybe both).

i was looking for some minecraft lego for a christmas present for a little girl in my family and i found most of those to be pretty disappointing too. what happened? did i just get some really good (and probably expensive) sets when i was a kid or are they getting stingier with the bricks these days?

Yep. Lego “Microfighters” is a thing.

wow. just wow. what are they doing?

Selling LEGO sets to people who can’t afford the $4600.00 version of the Millennium Falcon, mostly.


That’s a jacked up scalper’s price for a set that’s no longer available. The most recent Millennium Falcon is about $140. Not exactly cheap, but way better than $4k. The microfighters are obviously meant to be a bit of a cheaper alternative but also for a lower skill level build.

That’s for a much less complex set than the Ultimate Collector’s version. The $4K version is built at “minifig scale” and has over 5000 pieces. That’s still a ripoff at nearly a dollar a piece, but it’s four times the size of the next cheapest version.

It’s still about 10x the MSRP. The set has been sold out for five years.

that’s too bad you feel that way. I actually prefer the CGI one, which has actual arcs and character development, as opposed to nonesense DBZ style “Windu slays an entire army” sequences

Mr. Petersen, you have kids in the target age range. My 5.5 y.o. loves Rebels. It’s better than Clone Wars for the little guys and it isn’t a gap filler between not very good prequels. And get used to seeing Ezra, I have a feeling he’ll be in VII.