Obi-Wan Kenobi to appear in Star Wars Rebels

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I still haven’t seen “Rebels,” but doesn’t the opening crawl from A New Hope negate the possibility of any Rebel victories other than the one at the end of Rogue One?

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I’m actually, finally, watching clone wars now, followed by rebels when I get there. If rebels is even better than clone wars, as seems to be suggested, then I think I’m in for an enjoyable ride :slight_smile:


Season 3 of Clone Wars starts a fantastic progression. Episodes just get better, darker and more awesome. Rebels is just wonderful. I’m already worried about what comes “next” when they end it?


Rogue One?


I think they could end with Scarif, as clearly the Ghost is there – but why? There was a lot of Rebellion between the battle of yavin and hoth that wasn’t all Luke, Leia and Han.


My son is watching Clone Wars for the third or fourth time. Season 1 is tough to get through because it’s sillier than it could’ve been. Season 2 is better, but can get a bit slow. Jason’s correct that things get into full swing by Season 3. Watch all 6 seasons, watch Rebels, then watch Rogue One. You’ll get a lot more out of the movie.

I managed to convince Jr to watch Rebels second time I borrowed the DVD. Or at least tolerate daddy watching it. I enjoyed the first season, but that’s all I’ve seen.

I didn’t get on so well with Clone Wars - just a bit into season 1 (the more recent one, I loved the Tartakovsky stuff).

My partner and I are excited to watch them. :slight_smile:

On the Rogue One front, I got a LOT of insight out of reading the Rogue One prequel book Catalyst as well - I literally finished it hours before going to see the film and was glad that I did. It really put Krennic’s motivations and behaviours into context.


omg that final shot of kenobi gives me chills. SO GOOD.

Could some one do a cliff’s notes edit of Clones and Rebels. I like what I’ve seen, but do not have time to slog through that many episodes.

Depends on your definition of "victory"
A major assault that resulted in a “win” and (as we saw in Rogue One) actually seemed to bring all the various cells together? Then yes, the crawl is spot on still.
Small cells completing their mission but not striking any major blows against the Empire? Thats pretty much all Rebels seems to get.


Define victory? Small ones, or Rebels escaping can still happen.

Not that New Star Wars cares about the minutia of the old films.

Remember when Bothan Spies stole the Death Star Plans? Pepperage Farms Remembers.

2+ Hours of Rogue One, not even one mention of a Bothan. They could have made it a unit name or something, but eh, fuck it, no one remembers, move along. Move along.

Maybe it is a sub plot that Mon Montha secretly hates the Bothans, giving them both the credit and blame to face the Empire’s Wrath.

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Nope. Bothans died for the intel in Jedi, not A New Hope. They were never mentioned in the first film. For that matter neither was Mon Mothma.


Your attempt at a joke would have worked if we were talking about RotJ vs Rogue One. But since you can’t seem to keep up, your aim is worse than a stormtrooper on spice.

"Not that New Star Wars cares about the minutia of the old films."
Clearly you haven’t seen any of the new films since that has been their number one priority.

OMG … this is my first official senior moment. It’s all down hill from here. Pretty soon I will be buying Jango Fetts wondering why Boba Fett is all silver.


“Why are all the Wookiees on Endor so short? This movie has some serious continuity errors.”


Thats probably made worse from the pan and scan ratio of my VHS tapes being stretched out on those new fangled wide and flat TVs.


Ah…ah…These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. [Waves hand with some authority.]

It’s only season 3 for Rebels. Clone Wars is a lot of Aniken, Ashoka, and politics that shape everything between Episode II and III. But you also get some Jedi Order minutia, bounty hunter origin stories, and force user insights outside Jedi and Sith. Non-aligned Force users are a bigger deal in Rebels. I hope I didn’t just deliver a bunch of spoilers here.

I’m immune to spoilers. I generally enjoy movies more not having to dread what surprise is coming.