Star Wars Rebels mid-season trailer connects to Force Awakens

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Aaaand this reminds me that I need to get caught up on this season.


Yay! the post worked!


I have to be honest… I’m not a huge fan of the animated series. I’ve not seen much of Rebels, but now that I’m close to the end of the Clone Wars I have to agree with the sentiment that less than half the stories are worth watching - and most of those are focused around fleshing out the rushed development of the main cast of the PT. Characterizing the clones normally were the best episodes.

But… it also brings actual magic into canon along with the force, the bizarre Mortis arc that is just bizarre, dramatically raises the power levels to even beyond the PT, and really dilutes the Jedi Order.

Hah. I am caught up. 2nd season is shaping up to be really good. Is it just me or is this much better than the Clone Wars?


One positive of Rebels is that the ratio of essential vs. non-essential episodes is maybe closer to 2:1 instead of Clone Wars’ 1:3.


There were some really good Clone Wars episodes, but overall it just seems like a B- to me…

Rebels I am much more impressed with. Not perfect, but the characters are interesting, more varied, and I personally enjoy them putting in material from early prototype and concept art from the original trilogy. As well straight up adding an old toy as a an actual vehicle (troop carrier).

And I love Ezra made a combo saber. Personally, if I were a force user, I would straight up use a blaster in one hand and the saber in the other.

I am eager to see if they eventually kill off Asoka. Not that I WANT them to, but she doesn’t appear to be around after ANH.

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I can’t stand the look of the characters. Looks like bad CGI. Like one of those ripoff movies… Almost no emotion in the characters faces… Maybe the story is good but I can’t make myself watch something i don’t like the look of…


I hope we see a few of these characters in the next few movies. A Lasat would be awesome. Perhaps they age like the wookies, they were early models for them… All of them are within believable age.

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Don’t they have to kill all three “Jedi” in this show? None of them are around for ANH or later…

I take it that you didn’t watch the five seasons of The Clone Wars then.

Actually no… I love the original trilogy… Everyone says it’s great… I probably should… shomehow these new ones look worse though… hm.

Vader better kill Asoka and in a cold-blooded way like Anakin kills Dooku. That would be a fitting end to the beloved character.

OK, I have the tingles.

… that we know of. Jedi seem to have an affinity for just fucking off and hiding for decades, despite tons of bad shit going on all over the galaxy (Obi Wan, Yoda, Luke in the new movie).

Sure but if Asoka, Kadan, and muttter padawan are involved in the founding of the Rebellion, I’m expecting a murderous end (except Disney will never allow it). I mean, hell, Asoka was Anakin’s padawan for a whole series and she’s not around later when Vader is murdering folks?

Why wouldn’t they? Didn’t they just do something just like that?

You mean “fulfill contractual obligations from aging actor?”

Nah. I mean “murder a beloved character.”

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