Star Wars Rebels season four promises excitement


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So Kallus gets a new hairstyle, but Sabrine doesn’t? Literally unwatchable.


I really look forward to this. I like what they did with this show. The first season was kinda weak, but it really picked up pace at the second season. And we know so far that Hera, Chopper and Rex will not die (Hera and Chopper were in Rouge One and Rex is inofficially confirmed to be the old guy in the Rebel strike team on Endor in Return of the Jedi.


About them dying, what we know is that in RotJ Yoda said, “When I am gone, last of the Jedi will you be.” Obi Wan then talks a lot about seeing things from a certain point of view. So, yes, Kanan and Ezra may be dead (Kanan probably more likely), or they could have decided not to be Jedi anymore like Ashoka. Or they could survive through Empire and just be off screen. The rebellion wasn’t just limited to what we saw in the movies.


I just hope someday Ezra will grow his balls back. Even the aliens and women have more between their legs. I know I’m not the only one bothered by this.


“Star Wars X promises tedious, brainless space opera nonsense, same as the rest of the franchise”.

Fortunately, real cinematic SF still exists. Hooray for The Expanse.


Didn’t the season JUST end? I guess I shouldn’t complain they are starting back up so soon. Looking forward to it!


We all know the real love story of Star Wars Rebels is between Hera and her beloved droid Chopper. Her protection was the reason the little homicidally dickish robot was not pushed out an airlock or sold for scrap metal.


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