Meet Sabine a character from Star Wars Rebels who "likes to blow things up"




i hope someone was paid for this.


“I have a bad feeling about this.”


Stoked about the show, really looking forward to it.

And Mark, it’s Star Wars! What’s not to like?!


Another Mandalorian, eh? I’m intrigued.

I’m still not sure about the whole Disney transition, or about expanding the universe as the original film is about to turn 37 (DAE feel old?) but this video gave me more hope than learning that one of the main characters was played by Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Not that he’s a terrible choice or anything, but…

I know, it isn’t his fault. Relax.

It’s as if the director looked at Wing Commander and said, “All right, we ain’t doing that. Let’s get a couple of popular kids in here, we’ll totally change the bad guys, and bring in that guy from Das Boot and the guy from Phantom Menace. It’ll be great!”


I have not been a fan of Star Wars movies except for the first two, but I’m willing to give this a try.

Wait, I’m confused. Did you mean to say “the first three”? Or are you in the camp of folks who just didn’t like Return of The Jedi? If the latter is the case, I’d be genuinely interested to hear your thoughts and criticisms on that film.


Before or after January 31, 1997?


The surprising thing is that the director of Wing Commander the movie is Chris Roberts. Best known as the main guy behind the Wing Commander games.


“Rad”, “Tag”, “Attitude”? How 80’s are the people working on this product?



Edit: apparently, like the furry little critters, my answer was too short to post. There is a six character minimum.


I was just about to say this is desperately uncool. DESPERATELY.


eXterme to the max.


The way they are selling this series does make it sound like their bible was written a committee of focus groups. I guessing the “cute” character will be called “Poochie”


You forgot “strong, sassy”.


The retch factor on this was very high. I hope the intention of this post was sad irony, with the implicit message “Look How Bad It Has Gotten.”

Could things have gotten worse from Episode I/II/III? Yes, yes they could.


Sadly missing the frame of her tagging an Imperial Star Destroyer in open space while flying by on a hoverboard.

Reminds me of this guy, his game is also soon to be released:


Countdown to Star Wars Subway Surfers.

Begun, the Disney bullshit has.


Eh - I am cautiously optimistic Rebels won’t suck. I wonder how the violence is going to be handled. In the Clone Wars they got to blast droids, Stormtroopers are people. Though I guess clones did die in the Clone Wars (though good guys don’t usually kill people).

I’m not usually the person to roll one’s eyes art cliche female archetypes. But really, could we have had ANY other color besides pink for the helmet? And why is her armor the equivalent of a midriff in some of the photos? I get it, vibrant and young = less clothes. But not for a Manalorian warrior, for gods sake.


One can only hope that it is as successful as Tron: Uprising.


Oh look! It’s Aladdin…I mean, Ezra.