Boba Fett Week 3: Chrome don't get you home

Whole story lacks any sense. Somehow a Boba backed by Fennic is tough enough the CGI Hutts didn’t just kill him without a thought about it. This is a shit ton of jackassery by a lot of galactic crimelords in putting up with a guy who has beat up 1 small-scale biker gang and now hired a bunch of fancy pants vespa jockeys as muscle.

I mean Galactic crimelords put in the effort to show up and tell Boba to get gone, and then only send one pretty shitty assassin to kill him, and head home when a bunch of fish dudes want take over Dune?


Are you proposing tactical dye job?

(I googled that for shits and can not believe it exists).


Yeah it’s like some random thug-for-hire killing Tony Soprano and then moving into his house while expecting everyone to just be cool with it even though he clearly has no idea how organized crime works.




I dunno, I see both shows as a team effort, even if one person is heading it. I have heard both Favreau and Rodriguez described as showrunners. I think in either case, there isn’t a single person saying “go, no-go”. It seems like a collaboration, as it should be. If Rodriguez has had issues in the past of starting a plot, but not delivering at the end, hopefully with Favreau and others scripting, they will take the ideas and direction, and then flesh it out to a competent story.

They both have a good understanding of Star Wars, IMO, and I feel like they will make sure the final product satisfies. There will be a season two, so no need for EVERYTHING to be tied up neatly, but yes, we should get a satisfying clear obstacle and conclusion, I would hope.

I agree and I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t even mind sort of “side quest” type stories. Sure, they are sort of stand alone episodes, but they further the overall story, building on to them. I feel like the sequels and prequels tried to stuff too much into the story to make it interesting, when the original 3 films were pretty simple.

Oh, yeah, that is fair. He did get tossed around some. You would think that would at the least bruise a rib.

I don’t know if that is the case, but cybernetics have long been a part of the Star Wars universe. But never seen in such a Cyberpunk (Cybermod?) way in live action.

Re: The bacta tank. Besides being a plot device for the flash back sequences, I suspect they will eventually show something happened to really tear him up. Something that is taking a real long time for bacta to heal.

Oh yeah, I will have to look at that again. I though it was just the trope of smashing up fruit carts. I have been watching “XX things you may have missed from this episode” type vidoes to catch all the EU references.

YES! Except the Luke was edited out.

It did feel a little slow… and I have to wonder if they created a half way accurate speed one would need on cramped streets like that, and how we have been conditioned to expect everything has to go fast!

Still, we are nitpicking effects for a TV not having the same effects of movie. I remember when bad CGI spaceships rendered on an Amiga were the best were could get, and we liked it!

Yeah, but other than the Cantina one, I don’t think they had blood. I did agree he should have gotten battered up some.

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It’s just that the overall structural shortcomings and fall back to easy tropes I’m seeing lines up pretty well with Rodriguez’s short comings as a writer and story teller.

It’s reminding me pretty heavily of Spy Kids in it’s Point A, Point B, Exposition, Action Scene, Repeat.

It doesn’t read like his dialogue, it doesn’t read like his characters (except them Mods, and I do like that anyway).

But the assembly and the execution.

So if I’m going to pick out which part of the creative team is off here. I’m thinking it’s Rodriguez. Especially since what ever issues The Mandalorian has had, they aren’t quite these ones.

I was more talking as goes general TV. There a lot of series with an exhausting level of the plot driven, serialized, every episode is a cliff hanger and there’s about 15 plots running at any given time thing right now.

Often times the characters lack agency, or even consistency. It’s the hurry and react model. Where everything is driven by the latest plot development.

A story that’s more straightforward and character driven, is real nice for a change.

Book of Boba Fett is kinda built like the former.

But it’s written like the latter.

And it’s just not quite meshing yet.

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Yeah but he always brings the Trejo…


And as I said. Machete was perfectly cast.

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“dude has going 20 in a 35 written all over him”, :slight_smile:


Someone noted the name of Mos Espa’s Mayor, and now people are hoping that was a sly reference.

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Yeah it was kind of a giveaway that Boba Fett wasn’t cut out to be a crime lord when even the mayor’s bumbling toady clearly wasn’t intimidated.

Fett: What tribute does the mayor send?

Majordomo: Alas, I bear no gift. But the mayor sends this gesture of his regard. [Flips Boba Fett both middle fingers]

Fennec Shand (to Fett): So we kill him now, right?

Skeleton Droid: Yeah man if this motherfucker walks away now no one will ever take you seriously again.

Fett: [Raises hand] No, I intend to rule with respect. Go back to your mayor in peace with my blessing.

Majordomo: Eat a dick.


Needs moar baby yoda, both for the cuteness factor and comic relief.

I expect they brought in the new Rancor to fill those roles.

I fully expect, nay, demand, a Crowning Moment of Awesome moment for Boba, when, to pay off all those times he was dissed for not riding a palanquin in to town, he rides a Rancor through the streets of Mos Espa.


Neither the rancor or Trejo is cute, and (so far) the rancor hasn’t provided any substantial comic relief.

Boba begs to differ! (At least about the rancor. I don’t think he’s expressed any particular emotions towards Trejo yet)


I know a pair of bunny slippers that say different.


Even in bunny slippers he’s terrifying (but seems a nice person IRL).

One time in an interview he was asked (and I am paraphrasing)“Do you ever get upset that you seem to be cast to mostly play a scary Hispanic gangster?”

“Lady, I am a scary Hispanic gangster.”