Boba Fett Week 3: Chrome don't get you home

Overall I enjoyed this episode. The speeder chase didn’t quite do it for me (mainly because I wanted to see other parts of the story progress) but it felt like they are trying to add some family friendly aspects.

One thing I find interesting is the common comments that Boba Fett or the various assasins are “weak”

Previous episodes have shown that Boba Fett is capable of holding his own but he isn’t an unstoppable killing machine (and may be a bit past his prime). I am enjoying this aspect and find it adds a bit more realism to his struggle.

He barely bested the Assasins in the previous episode, but they were expensive and well trained. Similarly in this episode he fought the Wookie and held his own for a while against a strong opponent. In my mind these battles didn’t show one side as weak, but rather that both sides are well matched. Just like in real fights the champion rarely dominates without taking any damage and they do lose sometimes.

And has been said elsewhere I am very much waiting for Boba to ride his Rancor into town. Who needs a palanquin.


that would have made a great show: every episode weaving more of the forsaken groups of tatooine together - and when the jabas show up ( just once in the last episode ) his empire comes up over the horizon at his call.

they end with a scene of his bounty hunting ship, leading a jumbled up misfit fleet, ready to take on the galaxy’s syndicate, to make it his own.

boom. done.

the show’s almost halfway done! 3 out of 7 episodes and nothing’s happened that they haven’t already thrown away.

oh wait. except the inevitable vespa vs harley, sharks vs jets moment. they better have a musical number or im getting my money back

they managed with the train well enough, and he could have sped off over the desert if they’d wanted. so i don’t think it was a technical choice, i think they were going for humor and missed the mark.

( i mean, i laughed out loud. but not in a good way. the cw does better than this. )

it’s also reminding me a lot of a video game. random side quests talking to townspeople. expositions and todos

one thing i didn’t understand about the mods is, if they need work so bad how how’d they get such nice clothes, haircuts, and bike trikes?

( also, everything else on the planet is so dusty and dirty, how are they even keeping that stuff clean? hmmm… maybe it’s a fulltime job. :thinking: )


With the water they stole from Stephen Root. Not only thieves, but water wasters to boot. /s


That’s just sorta the whole thing with mods. In an environment of economic malaise they spent all they got on pants and side mirrors.


Chrome does not get you home


That doesn’t describe Britain in the early 60s though, when the mods got started. It was the era of SuperMac, “You’ve never had it so good.” If anything, there were people who thought that the good times were what was leading to moral decline.

Harold Macmillan was a Conservative, but he would be thought of as being left wing Labour if he were alive now.

In terms of Boba Fett though, they are just another street gang, although one with a different theme to the ones we usually see.

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Whaaa?? I guess I assumed it would be 10 episodes.

Well with non-standard run times, they could have 10 episodes of content edited to 7?

I expect the next episode to make it clear the obstacle in the past and present (probably the Pykes) and then the rest of the episodes overcoming it. But I don’t expect a full resolution as there should be another season.


It seems pretty unlikely Crimson Dawn won’t take over as the big bad at somepoint.


Maybe. The Pyke from the past had a symbol on his tunic that was similar to both the Pyke Syndicate symbol seen in the Clone Wars and the Crimson Dawn. I think you are probably right, with the possibility of Qi’ra showing up.

But if I were doing it, it would be the Black Sun and Xizor.

Also, am I the only one when they see the Gamorreans go, “Suns out, green guns out.”?


I just realized that Boba’s creepy torture-advocating droid is named “8D8,” which sure sounds like “eighty eight,” a number that Nazis love to use as code for H-H to signal their Nazi sympathies to each other.

Am I reading too much into this or is it something intentional like how Stormfront in The Boys is obviously a Nazi?

I think the “88” shorthand only started to gain traction in the Neo-Nazi movement during the 90s (though I haven’t found a definitive source for that) and the droid was in Return of the Jedi in 1983 so it’s probably just a coincidence.

One of his fellow droids from the “droid torture chamber” scene was named EV-9D9 so it was most likely just a running number gag.

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Crimson Dawn? I read about them in Time Magazine

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The thing that annoys me most about the show is how easily it could be a fixed with a minor rewrite.

Boba strolled into town with a single lieutenant and is now gradually acquiring hired muscle, offering protection to locals and learning the basic workings of the local criminal underworld.

All well and good except that he should have done all that work BEFORE bumping off Bib Fortuna to claim the top spot. So if they’d just tweaked the sequence slightly and put the “Boba and Fennec walking into the throne room like they own the place” sequence at the END of the first season instead of the beginning then they’d actually have a story that made sense.


yeah, i noticed with hawkeye that the episodes length fluctuated a bit, i haven’t been keeping track with fett. maybe they’ll all be nice sized chunks

i read the original pitch was only 4 episodes, so also maybe we’re about to get into the meat of it now… though im kinda: fool me once, fool me twice, you can’t fool me - at this point ( sorry, gw )

id love for them to get him a series worth the mythos. here’s to hoping :crossed_fingers:

it’s also possible im the wrong market. maybe it’s more specifically aimed at kids or something?

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Probably, given the original character was in Return of the Jedi as well. Also, “88” is used EVERYWHERE, and only a fraction of the time is it meant as a dog whistle for Neo-Nazis. That is why it is an effective symbol - very plausible deniability.

I feel that way about A LOT of movies/shows. Or a bit more of exposition. Maybe there will be more scenes showing the immediate take over after killing Bib Fortuna.

It seems a good balance of catering to new and old fans, not just kids or older fans. Pretty PG to PG-13 where even kids can handle it.

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just my take but i think that’s the one thing this show doesn’t need. 8d8 telling the division of power, the fish people explaining how protection rackets work, the water guy telling his story – twice!, fett sitting around saying “i should really do something” ( i agree! ), the hutts explaining why they were leaving, the bonding of rancors – it was quite a lot already.

agreed on that. the sandpeople bit was the saddest part i think so far. i think it’s interesting that rodriguez has two basic modes: ultra violent, or kind of cheesy kid-friendly. an unusual combination.

well, he is all white :face_with_raised_eyebrow: – but i don’t think it’s intentional. there’s a little white savior stuff in the show, but it doesn’t seem central to the story. just a bit tropey. ( i do wish 8d8 had some proper ground shadows though. he doesn’t look nearly as good as the other droids in the show. )

i might spend the next couple weeks re-watching the mandalorian and check back in later to see if anything interesting’s been going on in fett land.

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