Kids in the 1960s predicting the 21st century is dark AF

Thanks for doing that, Rob. I had no idea who that was and would have rather not had him in there (even before I knew who he was). I just thought the kids were interesting.


Yeah, I had those dreams. And a few times while stationed in West Berlin I’d catch a bright reflection and think my number was up. A few of us had our positions in GK grid coords, used by the Sovs, posted above our equipment. “First to know, first to glow!”


The last few generations of leaders decided that housing everybody was optional

Meanwhile, the population kept increasing

Accordingly, the “population boom” is what we now call mass homelessness and tent cities

and “computers taking over everything” is called the gig economy


just the sky turning red and weeks of ash and toxins in the air every summer for “forest fire season”


I have yet to have that impede on any dreams. The reality of the last couple years in the Bay Area was worse than any nightmare I’ve had. Particularly this year, with the days in September where the winds shifted just so that the sun was blotted out and everything was an orange hellscape.


I had nightmares from the 2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic in Britain (similar orange-red skies and smoky air), but that might be because my grandma was dying from cancer at the time. She lived a few hundred meters away from the auction house where the first cases spread it to other animals.


The US is at the pointy end of the climate change emergency.

And mainland Europe has been getting killer heatwaves in the summer, warmer winters in the north and more flooding in mountain areas.

In Ireland, our weather is getting more extreme but that word ‘extreme’ doesn’t carry much weight yet as our climate is so moderate and our weather so changeable.

I combined a video of mine with this:

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