Kindle finally supports ePub but will kill MOBI

I can also confirm that Kobo make nice ereaders. I got a “Kobo Clara HD” a couple of years ago, and I’m still loving it. Initially I wasn’t interested in a touch screen model, but I read so much I’ve worn out the physical page-turn buttons on my first Kindle and my Nook.
It’s paired up with Calibre on my PC, which does a fine job of stripping the adobe DRM from purchases from the Kobo store thanks to Apprentice Alf’s plugins. The only downside of Calibre is it can be a bit daunting to set up at first, but if anyone is having problems I think you can message me via BBS and I’ll try and help.


When my Kindle wore out I went to a KOBO e-reader, to get away from Bezos-land. it has been great. no regrets and native epub support.


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