New $50 Kindle Fire won't recognize third-party ebooks

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I wonder how easy it would be to root that an just have a nice cyanogen tablet with it?


My Android ePub reader of choice is Aldiko Book Reader, for those of you coming by :smile:


New '0 Kindle Fire won’t recognize sideloaded ebooks on SD cards

The post title seems borked. Supposed to be $50 Kindle Fire, i checked on both Firefox and IE and it’s incorrect on both. Is it just me that’s seeing the title as such? Title shows up as correct when i’m in the comments though.

When I circulate early drafts of my books to friends and family, they frequently can’t figure out how to get their Kindles, phones and tablets to recognize them, even when they’re formated as MOBIs and EPUBs.

On an iPhone or iPad, you can directly open any ePub in iBooks via the share sheet. The same share sheet will let you open in any other reader that supports it, like the official Kobo app or Marvin. Pretty simple.

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Amazon loves to lock down the boot loader on their Fire tablets. If/when these new ones can be unlocked I’ll be grabbing a Fire 10 and giving it the cyanogen treatment. XDA’s got forums all stubbed out and ready to go:


So what?
Why would I want to use crappy Kindle app that has limited configuration options to read sideloaded books?
Coolreader or FBReader are much better, IMHO, and there are even fancier [paid] apps for e-book reading.

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“Every walled garden wants to keep out the competition.”

If that were the case then the app wouldn’t open the ebooks in the first place, and Amazon would not offer the email delivery and conversion of personal ebooks.

And if Amazon really wants to keep out the competition, Cory, then why do they store your personal ebooks for free in their cloud?

But hey, don’t let a little logic spoil your anti-Amazon rant, Cory.

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The Send To Kindle app works a treat for me to send Mobi files to my regular e-ink Kindle. Just as an FYI. That’s completely beside the main point of the OP, though.

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There’s another recent headline with a similar problem:

Clone your dog. It’ll cost you 00,000, and this is the only lab in the world that will do it.

That’s supposed to be “$100,000” judging from the text.

Why does BoingBoing hate strings of the form “$” + [numerical digit]? What nefarious code is responsible here?


If I read the review correctly, the built-in app won’t find them, but it will open them.

And - it will both find them and open them, and keep track of your place, if they are on internal storage.

Once it became clear that it worked just fine on internal storage, this started to seem less like even a moderate conspiracy, and more like an extremely conservative design decision. Ebooks on SD cards can move around, and can go away on a moment’s notice. Deciding to treat them as second class, compared to ebooks on the internal store, is something you might do when you want the super-simple operation, with the attendant low support costs.

Is this an ideal way to operate? Not at all. But it’s not entirely surprising coming from a low-margin source like Amazon.


They’re using Wordpress, which is built on PHP… PHP variables start with $, so I’m guessing there’s some bug there.


That’s what they want you to think. A nice, tidy explanation with a convenient patsy. But this goes so much deeper.

If you want to know the truth, follow the money. OH WAIT, YOU CAN’T.


It will be interesting to see if they have any luck. Amazon’s first few models were amateur hour in terms of lockdown; but they’ve been upping their game as time goes on; and certainly seem unlikely for them to let anyone remove ShoppingOS if they can help it.


Ah, misleading headlines.

You don’t get clicks with accuracy! Just like you don’t make friends with salad.


I’m not a fan. Don’t like the ui. Moon+ is alright, and there was another one I used before that that (I forget the name, but its, like, in the top 5 on Play) that was good, till the devs fucked with the ui so much that every last square inch of your screen did something different, and a misplaced tap or swipe b0rked everything. ‘Updates’ my arse. If it ain’t broke don’t fucking fix it

AH-HA! Cool Reader! Yes, that was the one I was talking about above that got fiddled to death. Shame, it was good for a while.

I have been using Coolreader for years on all my android devices and have never had an issue. I try the Kindle app every once in a while, but never stay with for more than a day. yuck

Considering that the files opened fine when manually opened I really doubt Amazon is purposely going out of its way to ignore the files. I suspect that the Kindle app simply looks for its library in a specific directory and doesn’t search outside it.

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