Kindred: a powerful graphic novel adaptation of Octavia Butler's slavery masterpiece

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Octavia Butler is a name to conjure with: the first African-American woman to rise to prominence in science fiction, Butler’s fiction inspired generations of writers by mixing rousing adventure stories with nuanced, razor-sharp parables about race and gender in America; she was the first science fiction writer to be awarded the MacArthur Genius Grant, and her sudden and untimely death left a hole in the hearts of her readers, proteges and admirers.


Butler’s book is great, so I’m anxious to see how this version turned out. It’d make a good movie too.


It’s worth mentioning that, back in the glory days of the interset, Sci-Fi’s excellent Seeing Ear Theatre created an audio adaptation. It’s abridged, but still well worth the time to listen.

They’ve been offline for a while, but fans saved some copies and now they’re back up…


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