King no longer claims to own "candy," still claims it owns "saga"


Thanks for the heads-up. I have no tolerance for this type of corporate malfeasance. I’ve deleted the game from my devices.


Man companies are going to make trivial and stupid abuse after abuse of trademark and copyright till the courts just start throwing everything out.


It’s like when Donald Trump tried to trademark “You’re Fired”, even though it’s been uttered in every TV sitcom, radio show, and at me more than once .


This just in: King convinced to claim all letter D’s.
Judge replies “Deez nuts!”

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I hope that King is driven out of business:

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Look out, makers of Orange Crush! You’re next.



They claim rights over the word “saga”?
Njal, Egil, King Harald, the Finnwife, Hrafenkel and all the Volsungs are going to want a word.
And while they don’t own Candy I’m sure they’ll be able to nail down “Candya$$”


Of course, they waited until the guy who made the game they ripped off folded and got out of the business before backing off on Candy…


I’ve heard a disturbing rumor they were actually behind the insolvency of the Icelandic banks.

They might have a problem with Nintendo.
Bit.Trip Saga
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Eldar Saga

Just a few with lots more… And I wont even waste time hunting down all the 8bit Nintendo/Sega games that used Saga in it’s title.

I’m so glad I never liked Candy Crush… seriously.

Wow. With one game you’ve got Nintendo, Lego, and Disney (Star Wars). Between those three, there are enough lawyers to crush King into a fine powder.


Beat me to it. I wouldn’t want the Volsungs pissed at me.

Bad move. The over-50s can afford good lawyers.

Maybe Square Enix, who owns the Saga video game franchise, should send them a threatening legal letter.

I simply cannot understand this obsession that companies have with trying to trademark parts of their titles. King has a right to trademark “Candy Crush Saga™”, “Farm Heroes Saga™”, and so on and so forth; I’ve no beef there. But this insistence that only they can use the word “Saga”, or “Candy”, or “Crush” (I wouldn’t be in the least surprised) in the games arena… that’s just idiocy in my eyes!

Is there a SagaJam coming up? Anyone know?

I actually liked the game, but because of this corporate idiocy I deleted this game from all my devices a couple weeks ago, and removed app permissions from my FB account.

Do these guys know that the cultures that traditionally took ‘sagas’ seriously had a battleaxe/lawyer ratio that approached infinity until sometime surprisingly recently?

They, um, might want to consider that.