Kisai Console Wood watch: futuristic LED face and sandalwood bracelet


That is by far THE nicest Daft Japanese Watch posted on BoingBoing. Do want.

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It looks like someone stole an LCARS display from the Enterprise and turned it into a watch.

I’d love to own one myself.


Call me old fashioned, but I generally prefer watches that are easily readable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks neat, though.

I have really stupid arms. I mean REALLY stupid, like every watch I’ve ever owned including a nice Wenger, a decent G-Shock, and even a Gruen that was marketed as a “tank watch” have all had their bands or the metal pins that hold the bands to the bezel destroyed by my bit stupid arms. I guess I just naturally walk really close to walls and corners and am always whacking/catching the band on shit.

Really bums be out because I adore wristwatches but can’t justify buying another one when I get time from my phone and am just going to bust the fucking thing.

Sold out already. holy carp, how long has this been on the market?

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