The ultimate minimalist wristwatch


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I do this by just not wearing a watch. I guess I was minimalist before it was cool.

Wake up, sheeple!


Sooooooooo it’s a bracelet for men, then?


Ah, the voice of the super rich. I bet you just pay someone to tell you what the time is when you want to know.


yeah, minimalists just LOVE keeping around excess non-functional items… \s

i can’t help but think this is an ironic hipster statement the sole purpose of which is to annoy people who ask you the time. “i don’t beleive in time maaaan…time is just a creation to control us.”


Now this is a better candidate…paper wrist sundial.

maker instructions can be found here:


But then nobody notices how minimalist you are!


two other minimalist contenders…tattoo watches.

for the zen minded:

for those people who are never on time:


But will it bring me freedom and joy?


For anybody with wrists, presumably. And the interest. And 79$.

You kids have it so easy today, with all of your bloody statistics! Back when I was a child, when we needed to clock in with our violent movies and video games, we had to do so as hermaphroditic intersex people. And to tell time, all we had was the steady crunch of the toasted evolutionary psychologists we were snacking upon. It’s a wonder that our frail senses of self didn’t implode under the strain.


Darn hipster!


It’s not a bracelet, bro! It’s a wristband. A wristband!





a striking affront to today’s excessive lifestyles.

My irony meter just exploded.


That thing is hilariously huge.


If anyone wants a much more minimalist wristwatch than this, I will meditate on sending them one for only $57, a saving of $22


A wristwatch has one job and this one doesn’t do it well.

I suppose this is yet another example of style over functionality.

I guess this is a parody kickstarter and I’m just not getting it.


Don’t feel too bad. I don’t plan to get it either.


So minimalism = conspicuous sloth?