Kitten vs ducklings




It sounds like someone is furiously typing commands to the ducklings.


It’s one of the most adorable battle scenes ever!


It looked like the kitten was playing too rough, but then the ducklings being victimized seemed utterly unconcerned, so I guess not.


You need uber micro if you want to pull off a successful hatchling rush when playing as the ducks.

They dominate water maps, and are mostly air units, so their late game is pretty flexible; but the cats’ early melee units are definitely better unless you can manage a swarm properly.


Holy smurf! My adorable filter just blew out my joyhole!


IMHO it looked like the kitten was really scared at the end and wanted out.


I think so, too, but I wonder if the ducklings thought maybe (or rather, reacted as if) the kitten was their mommy.


Giant mammal mobbed by tiny dinosaurs.


These ducks have no understanding of the concept of “predator.” They wouldn’t last five minutes in the wild.


The kitten looks white and gold to me.



Nibbled to death by ducks. It’s a thing!


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