Ducklings play on mini-waterslide

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This reminds me of that video I saw about workers sorting chicks in a chicken factory, except with a cuter surprise at the end of the slide

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I found the fountain bits lost in the basement, so I think I’ll make one of these:


I hate to be That Guy, but the ducklings are not playing. They are being tricked by food and falling.

The horizontal bar at the top of the slide contains food, which keeps the ducklings coming back to the top of the slide. They slide down when they lose their footing and fall.

If you search for videos of “ducklings on slides” you’ll see that this is a common gimmick at fairs. (And the people in the background are invariably laughing and talking about how the ducks are playing.)

At least the ducklings get a snack, and they don’t look like they’re being hurt. But let’s not over-anthropomorphize. They are not having fun. They will “ride on their slide” until the food runs out.


That sounds exactly like me! :heart_eyes:


This was our neighbor’s vaccant wave runner dock last spring. We’re expecting more babies shortly.


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