Adorable ducklings learn to jump by copying mom


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“So, if our friend jumps off a cliff, we’re not supposed to follow them, but if our mother jumps off a cliff, we are supposed to follow her? Life is so full of confusing rules!”


Was just reading some McCloskey to the little duckling last night!


As the mother flew out of frame I thought to myself, if EVER a video needed proper landscape orientation THIS WAS FUCKING IT !!!

(insert facepalm gif)


The last one off the dock throws in a back flip, so this is def the video of the day for me!


A leaf blower would have been appropriate here.


Wood ducks nest in holes a ways up in trees and when the eggs hatch the mother flies to the ground and calls the ducklings. Fortunately they’re so light that when they jump they bounce a bit, but usually land okay, especially if there’s leaf litter to further break their fall. I don’t know if being agreeable to leapy stunts is entirely due to imprinting?


For all the terrible things out there in the world today, I needed this. Wonderful indeed, thank you!


It’s depressing to think that only one or two (or none) will survive to adulthood. Enjoy these times while they last, sweet ducklings.


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