Duckling feeds fish

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… y’know, I’m usually one of the first to chime in saying that people are just projecting their emotions onto an animal’s behavior in cases like this, but I’ll be damned if I can think of an explanation for this beyond “aww, the ducky wants to feed the fish.”

I hate to be “that guy”, but I think it is just the standard duck behavior of wetting their food prior to eating it, and the duck being a duck doesn’t get that the fish are eating its food when it does it.


So, raccoons don’t wash their food and ducks don’t feed fish. This little ducky is simply moistening its dry ass offering so it can bolt it down the hatch. The koi are simply getting the chunks that float away as it sifts it through his little ducky mouth.


Aw phooey. I saw WITH MY OWN EYES that the widdle duckums is feedin’ the fishies and so that’s what happened NA NA NA I CAN’T HEAR YOU.


I think the duck is just trying to soften the feed with water before eating it, and the fish get the benefit of what doesn’t make it down the duck’s gullet.


Gazing into those gaping, gasping, voracious piscid void-maws(fullscreen, large monitor) and observing the occasional partial excursion onto the platform by the fish, I would like to voice an argument for the hypothesis that the duckling (we can call him ‘Wee Neville’) is attempting to appease the fish in order to be allowed to re-enter the water without risk of being horribly gnawed to death by ravening carp.


Not sure about this hypothesis of yours. Someone needs to tell Wee Neville that stirring the sharks up into a feeding frenzy before going for a swim isn’t usually the best strategy.

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It has potential if the feeding frenzy is on one side of the platform and you escape on the far side. That’s why he is attempting to maneuver the swarm during the course of the video.

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This duckling is smarter than the others that got eaten by the fish. As long as it keeps doing this, it is safe. Then we interbreed the smarter ducks and get smarter ducklings. And repeat, until you have a duckling army that can take on the world.

Soon, my pretties, soon. And then we will feed, oh yes.


So…you’re saying he’s using the food as a de-koi?


I think he’s keeping them fed so he doesn’t get eaten.

Carp (which is what koi are), gars, and other large fish will each ducklings. They even make duckling lures for fishing.

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i came to say the exact same thing.

this is a duck wetting its food, like all ducks do.
it more often then not chooses a place where the fish are not at when the choice is available.

those fish would eat that duckling in a second if they were a bit bigger.

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