Do ducks like peas? A video

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Yes they do. And corn. It is best to feed them these sort of things rather than bread.


Nobody gets MY English peas… maybe wifey can have some.

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My two daughters, 1.5y and 4y, are a bit like this with peas. Often it’s the only thing they’ll eat, preferably frozen.


The water the peas are in starts out clear and ends up opaque brown muck.

Ducks’ beaks, evidently, are filthy.


Some people worry about being caught in a shark feeding frenzy. Those people have never seen ducks eat.

And, this clip is definitely on point:

Londo Mollari: But this…this, this, this is like… being nibbled to death by, uh…Pah! What are those Earth creatures called? Feathers, long bill, webbed feet…go “quack”.

Vir Cotto: Cats.

Londo: Cats! I’m being nibbled to death by cats.


Whoa, is it a coincidence that this is what my vet recommended to determine if my cat had allergies?

Don’t make it easier for them, ducks - if someone offers you peas, just run!


What ducks really like are grapes.


It’s not the peas. It’s the beef stock they’re in. Tastes like human flesh.

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I like roast duck, with peas on the side.


This is my biggest pet peeve about keeping ducks (or, rather sadly, keeping duck of late). They foul their water in seconds. We eventually gave up on giving them a pond to splash in because I constantly had to purge and refill it; a huge waste. Instead we just give them 3 gallon tubs to splash in, and shit in, and drink out of.


It would have been nice if you scrolled through Jon’s feed just a few tweets later where he retweets the original source:

Heh, this is by far his most liked/retweeted post. Existential crisis for the webcomic artist. Wasted so much time with Goats when the answer was Ducks.

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I heard Ducks like corn nibletes and peas or cooked rice. Set out last summer to a beach to test the theory. There were some ducks around, I tried to feed them peas/carrots/rice throwing it in the water along shore line, they were not interested. Threw a few Dorito’s chips in the water and the ducks went berserk clambering on top of each other to hog the most. After chips were gone, they were ‘energized’ for several minutes preening their feathers or biting themselves.


I can’t tell if they’re eating the peas in joy of just flicking them out onto the ground in disgust.

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Oh come on… give peas a chance!

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Nah, I’ll leave them all for the ducks to…enjoy. :nauseated_face:
Nervously checks freezer to confirm absence of pot pies, inspects soup cans to ensure there are no images of green liquid in a bowl, and pokes at suspiciously lumpy mashed potatoes - just to be sure little green things aren’t lurking beneath the surface.

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