How quickly can a duck eat peas?


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Ducks are eating and pooping machines. I’m very glad I am not the one who has to clean up when those peas go through the duck like grass through a… duck.


Faster than I expected, and the cat too by the looks of it, who appears to be reevaluate his or her roommate situation.


This! This is how much I like peas over other green vegetables.


I’m sorry, I don’t watch portrait oriented videos. I’m sure the duck ate the peas, though, and quite quickly based on subtle contextual clues in the lead up.


This problem has been solved inhumanely centuries ago:


Faster than grass through a goose?


Why a duck?




How quickly can a duck eat peas?

Like shit through a goose.


Before seeing the video i imaged it’d be pretty quick, birds don’t have a need to chew food and peas are small enough to be eaten with little effort. However the video is enlightening because it was still quicker than i imagined


I sympathize with the cat’s reaction to the duck’s pea consumption: fear and curiosity.


Not sure how inhuman this actually is. Birds do not use peristalsis to swallow food, just gravity; which is why they would not survive in space. I’ve read that geese would actually line up to be feed this way.


Excellent. I now have a replacement for ‘how long is a piece of string?’


is the pope left-handed?



Does the pope shit in the woods?


does a bear, uh, is he left-handed?


If a bear falls in the Vatican…?


Bourdain (who can be a dick more than a little) said something along the lines of “Everything we eat is a tradeoff. How much land and water goes into making a 1lb loaf of bread. How much for one lb of beef? How much for 1lb of foie gras? The thing you have to ask is, is what your getting, to you, worth the cost, to the planet, your personal soul, what-have-you. Foie Gras is utterly delicious, so I’ve decided to be ok with it.”