Knuckle-scanning anti-cheating software won't say what it's doing with Rutgers students' data

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*University officials defended the university, which is their only job.


The old Phil Silvers song takes on new significance.

You know those people who are really good at looking busy, but never actually do anything? If a capitalist economy were a person, it would be that kind of person.


In the linked article, an official at another university compares ProctorTrack to the TSA’s SPOT program.

Indeed, the creator of ProctorTrack touted his experience working with the TSA to develop technology similar to ProctorTrack.

IOW, anyone could’ve told them the software was probably gilded crap.

The Rutgers officials who rubber stamped this software should be fired for wasting University (i.e. student) money on this.

I wonder if the school officials received any gifts for their “consideration” of the software, or if it was just a matter of old friends helping each other out?


Pictured below, Nunbot 3000 (enforcement ruler not shown)

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