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Oh, I didn’t know about the spanking part, tell us more! For science, of course.

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When is the USA going to rein these guys in? I mean, operating with impunity throughout the world, destabilising whole economic regions, coup d’etats, MKULTRA and the like. You would have though that the many debacles with the LSD programs would have enlightened people to their MO but time and again we hear about them stepping over the line!

Remember that if you are naughty, Krampus will come and get you TONIGHT (depending on your time zone).
Dec 6th is St. Nicholas’ Day, so Krampus comes the evening before.

Just in case you thought Krampus would be waiting for that watered-down clone of Saint Nicholas that you call Santa.

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The only thing I ever got from the Krampus was a single lump of coal waiting up the stairs outside our apartment in Munich the day I got home from going to a Christmas market with my 3rd grade class where I’d given all my candy money to a beggar because he reminded me of a character from Dickens. Turns out the Krampus is a Randian.


BTW, not known for my good spelling or let me blame auto correct I looked up Kompas cards by mistake:

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Was this posted on the correct thread, or is St Nick a CIA psy-op?

Well, he does keep lists of who’s naughty and nice.

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