L.A. Japanese-American newspaper must get 10,000 subscribers by year's end -- or close its door

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According to my quick search only 31 libraries worldwide have Rafu Shimpo in their holdings. There could be more, but that’s all the ones that report their holdings to WorldCat.

It seems like it should be a lot more than that.


Good luck to them but honestly newspapers which cater specifically to immigrant groups which end up assimilating into mainstream culture do tend to outlive their usefulness. @frauenfelder when was the last time anyone you know or anyone your extended family knows bought a Yiddish edition of The Forward?

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What’s a newspaper?

Seriously though, newspapers are a dying thing, even when they’re targeting significantly larger audiences. I don’t know what the size of their local Japanese-speaking community is, but I suspect that the number of people who prefer to consume their news in Japanese isn’t experiencing a growth spurt, particularly as younger folks tend to get their news through other sources.

That said, we’ve still got one going where I live, though it’s mostly just another one of those free ad-supported community papers that you see everywhere, so who knows…

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