LA Sheriffs launch crowdsourced 'emergency event' surveillance app that uses your photos and videos


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Like the Committee of Public Safety - but high tech!

Hey! No cameras! No photos allowed!!!
(but if you did take some, can we see them?)


So uh…at what point then does it go from, “Please send us your photos.” to “We have your meta-data, you were here, we’re just goint to take your photos anyway?”


It actually sounds like a great idea. Using the public to provide photo/video detail to help emergency logistics. Too bad the public doesn’t trust the eventual use of this kind of info…

  1. Get the app;
  2. Use it to videotape law enforcement at “emergency events”;
    2(a) If a LEA demands you cease video activities, inform him you are using the official LASD LEEDIR app for chronicling emergency events;
  3. Upload your law-enforcement video to the LEEDIR site;
  4. See if the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. uses that footage.

Sorry, the license agreement defines abuse of the app as “using it to record abuse” – any footage that violates the terms is immediately deleted


Fearless LEEDIR will keep Pottsylvania Los Angeles safe!

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So it’s basically a current-tech version of that thing in the second Nolan Batman movie. You know, the one that Batman and Lucius Fox destroyed at the end after one use, because it was too creepy even for the totalitarian world those films depict.

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Um, doesn’t uploading photos of an event prove that you were at that event, which could result in investigation of yourself?

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No, it’s only assumed your camera was there. It’s why stoplight cameras need to take the photo of the driver, not just the license plate.

There was something like this in NY, I’m not sure if it passed. But basically the police wanted access to private residential video surveillance in real time.

Wow. Heavy Poe, dude.


Or get the app. Use it to photograph a scale module made with Legos. Upload that.

So, if I expertly photoshop the faces of my enemies into pictures of people at protests, etc. while also manipulating their names falsely into social media surrounding the events…

I get to confuse and confound an overreaching police state and make life shitty for people I despise?

So I downloaded the App just for grins. Guess what they are currently looking for: Civil unrest at Deltopia in Isla Vista, CA. I googled and this is an “unlawful assembly” where a bunch of student partiers rioted.

In other words, this will definitely get used for Occupy type events.

No matter how great a tool like this might be, I just don’t feel safe trusting the police with anything at all. They have consistently and repeatedly broken the public trust with egregious and cavalier acts of brutality, violence, and disdain for the public. Yet, when the people take them to task for their actions, more often than not, the police form ranks around murderers, rapists, and extortionists with badges. Our police make a policy of providing an incentive to do further harm by giving them leave with pay for committing most crimes.

No thanks. I’ll pass.

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