ACLU accuses Colorado police of racial profiling after video captures traffic stop


One might wonder why there is this upsurge in incidents of police misconduct and brutality, but the fact is that especially among lower income populations, technology is only just becoming ubiquitous enough to capture on camera what has been happening for decades. Couple that with a righteous sense of indignation and growing public support, and you have a lot more people willing and able to capture misconduct on video. What we need now is a hands-free solution that lets people in these circumstances record without needing to hold their phones (risking being perceived as having a weapon). Can we get a Go-Bro Cam?


“As Chuck Wexler of the Police Executive Research Forum told the New York Times, ‘People aren’t buying our brand. If it was a product, we’d take it out of the marketplace and re-engineer it. We’ve lost the confidence of the American people.’”



I’ve got <a href=“"target=”_blank">one of these. It was a bit more expensive when I bought it a couple years ago, but it’s served me well. The model I have records in up to 1080p, the night time recording is pretty clear, and it can record audio should I choose to do so. The only shortcoming is that it doesn’t stream the video anywhere.

This problem can be put to rest if we just call it

Visual profiling

Problem is that only records in front of your car, and the police are always behind…

Poke around a bit, there are plenty of cameras that record forward and behind. What I like about this one is that it’s on a swivel. I can point it whichever way I need to.

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That Americans think that white supremacy is only found in hicks and rednecks was the greatest trick by the white supremacist system.


The ACLU app couldn’t be more timely.


Honk if you’re having secret violent thoughts towards the police of AmeriKKKa

Interesting. I thought it was only the LCD that swiveled. Now all it needs is the LTE upgrade!

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Can anyone view the video - either on here or on youtube? I can’t.

Thank you. Just quoting it because it deserves to be said again. And again and again and again and


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