Dashcam nails cops who beat man while shouting "Stop resisting arrest"



its really pathetic at this point


The Bloomfield PD’s internal investigations department found no evidence of any wrongdoing by the cops.

Gosh, how could they possibly have made such a terrible mistake?


You see? Those cameras aren’t helping at all. They’re just making us less safe, by letting criminals back out on the streets while hindering the work of our Boys in Blue.


Sheesh talk about overzealous police – glad to see there are criminal charges placed against the police in this case. These dashcams should be standard equipment!


I am seriously considering installing one in my car. Though that amounts to an invitation to break into the car in some neighbourhoods.

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Whenever I read one of these “cops caught on camera doing something they shouldn’t” my first thought I always, don’t they know they’re being filmed? And then I read “Bloomfield PD’s internal investigations department found no evidence of any wrongdoing by the cops”.

It’s never easy for ordinary citizens to prosecute cops regardless of the circumstances, but this makes it nearly impossible.

Also important: the internal affairs division is described as “scandal plagued”. So if you’re a victim of the Bloomfield PD you have no place to go.


Maybe we should all wear webcams all the time, constantly uploading, in case we have an interaction with our brave defenders of law and order.


And let the archivists win? Never!



No wonder he had to change his name.

  1. I think a lot of them lose it in the moment.

  2. The “thin blue line” protects their own.


Exaclty! I get so sick of Boing Boingers always getting on the police in these situations.
I’m sure that the original investigation didn’t find any wrongdoing because the only issue was that they misidentified the suspects intentions – the cops thought that his intent to keep on hitting himself was an attempt to resist arrest.
I assume that the suspect must not of splattered any blood on the officers since I didn’t see any charges for destruction of police property…


Maybe they just wanted a little attention: http://www.theonion.com/articles/unpopular-police-officer-thinking-about-committing,36790/

Is “He tried to take my gun” now just a standard thing that police say to justify brutality?


“It’s comin’ right for us!”


I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ that turns everything into race… but I couldn’t help but noticing the superior tan on the cop’s victim.


Watch them get a slap on the wrist. If this system were not completely corrupt, everyone in the internal affairs division would be fired and blacklisted, and so would everyone in the heirarchy above them, all the way to the chief, for not having fired them already.

I keep saying this, hoping the idea will catch on…

Make it a Federal Law that all Law Enforcement Officers must have on their persons active video cameras recording their actions at all times while on duty. Make it part of the required uniform, as essential to an officer as a badge.

Make it a major crime to tamper with or disable such cameras or the video they record. Criminalize the act of failing to maintain such cameras, or otherwise allowing them to become inoperative through negligence. Require the cameras to not only store their data locally, but to also remotely upload it to more secure storage devices, for the sake of redundancy. Hold everyone involved in the process of data retention responsible for “lost” or “missing” footage and data.

Cameras are cheaper, smaller, and higher quality than ever. If the police can afford to train and equip SWAT Teams in podunk backwater towns across the nation, they can damn well afford to put cameras on every gun and integrate them into every uniform.

Too many court cases come down to unsubstantiated claims of witnesses and participants lacking material evidence - so why the hell aren’t we requiring the police to produce material evidence? We have the technology to do so with little trouble!