Dashcam nails cops who beat man while shouting "Stop resisting arrest"

You know what? I’m done. I no longer believe that US police are mostly good with a few bad apples.US police departments are corrupt. There are a few good eggs trying to keep things right, but they can’t win with the corruption and mass institutionalised thuggery that goes on.


Denver just put in a request for a bunch of such cameras. I’ll be interested in seeing if it gets funded.


“Request Denied - Falls Outside of Budget Guidelines. In unrelated news, you can expect to receive your new military surplus assault rifles and armored fighting vehicle by the end of the week at the latest.”


It’s been really pathetic for a long, long time. The scope and scale is becoming more clear to more people now, though.

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I am seriously considering installing one (dashcam) in my car. Though that amounts to an invitation to break into the car in some neighbourhoods.

Conceal it. Make it look like a box of kleenex or a hula dancer or something.


Sorry, no way the DA was unaware of this evidence. He should go to prison.


Even if you really did believe a suspect was going for your sidearm, what would be the point of telling him not to? By the time a guy is grabbing at your gun he’s obviously not going to be receptively listening to reason.

It’s like “Stop, thief!” “Oh, okay, I’ll lie down and wait for you to arrest me right here, hadn’t thought of that possibility, sorry!”


“superior tan”

I now have an awesome new phrase when I want to address race in a sarcastic way. I owe you!

Some police chiefs are pro cameras as well, because members of the public behave better when they know they’re being filmed as well as the cops. It brings an end to the “he said/she said” back and forth as there’s an objective record of at least some of the interactions between a copper and a civilian.
Sure, it’s not a panecea, but it’s a good idea as far as I’m concerned.

(I’m not really bothered by the privacy implications, if I’m being filmed by the camera carried by a cop, then the cop can probably see me as well)

Sure makes it harder to believe the officer’s narrative any more…
Unarmed guy, Ezell Ford, was recently killed by officers in L.A.

LAPD releases names of officers who shot mentally ill South L.A. man

Ford reached for the officer's gun, prompting his partner to open fire, the spokesman said. The officer on the ground reached for his backup weapon and also fired, according to the department. A friend of Ford's family told The Times she witnessed part of the encounter and saw no struggle between Ford and the officers.

it makes me think, must be the only way to keep our boys in blue safe is to take away their guns.

Make the camera part of the badge.

Unless those few good eggs are filing criminal complaints against their fellow officers when they commit a crime, then they are just as corrupt.

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@Daniel_Burke - Not just the dash cams: I am in full support of the uniform cams - which we need on officers once they get away from their vehicles. In the parts of L.A. where uniform cams have been tested, they’ve been well accepted with 60% reduction in use of force and 88% reduction in officer complaints.

In Hawthorne, they’re now being fast tracked to all officers. On the flip-side, station security cams are in bad repair and not enough of the vehicles have cameras themselves.

Just keep in mind, if you want officers watched - it’ll be tacit approval of watching other things. @phuzz is quite right. In some neighborhoods, people don’t want their activities filmed all the time. (They really don’t realize how many cameras are rolling on them every day.) So there’s a tight balance being struck. People seem fine with it, so long as the cameras remain with the cars or on the officers themselves. Any additional cameras make them nervous.

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I live in a neighborhood where cars get broken into with some regularity, yet my dash cam remains in place. If you set it next to your rear-view mirror, or get one that sits on top of your rear-view mirror, they’re far less conspicuous than GPS units.

I saw all manner of insane roadway fuckery before I got the camera. I had one accident happen in front of me the first week I had it, nothing outrageous since. I consider it a talisman for better driving in my general vicinity. I’m sure it’s no more effective than a magic rock is for warding off tiger attacks, but that’s how things have shaken out.


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