Lack of caution leads to motorcycling diaster

I wear pads, aramid panatalones, body armor, leather jacket, gloves, boots and a full face or I do not ride.

Knees, hips, tailbone, back, shoulders, elbows all have ce1 or ce2 rated armor.

I don’t go for full 'stitch but I think I can get close enough with modern textiles and armor – and still look like me.

Tank top is better than also having to pick ground cotton out of his flesh, I guess. I can’t imagine why he kept going with that wobble. He was completely asking to suffer.


From the guru.


Guessing he either didn’t grasp the significance or just plain panicked.


That was the first question that I asked myself. You notice that as you speed up the wobble gets more pronounced…why is your first reaction to not slow down, turn off at the next exit (5-10 miles almost certainly has an exit somewhere) and figure out what’s trying to throw you off your bike?


I believe China has no Good Samaritan laws, in other words, if you stop to help someone, and make things worse, you can be sued for injuring them or whatever. Stories of people passing by accidents are very common.


Short version:

Step 1) Have some ‘play’ between your front wheel(s) and back.
Step 2) Add more weight on the back.


Looks like he has a skid lid on. Probably fairly useless in this case. He was exercising his freedom by not wearing gear, man. He’d probably not be wearing a helmet if it wasn’t the law in California.

That would be a false report. What is 911 supposed to do? Send an ambulance trailing someone who might be fooling around?

Have police make them stop and check for DUI? Also hard to do.


In California it is common to get pulled over to fix a light that is out. An unsafe to operate vehicle? Certainly.


By padding cops? Sure, happens over here, too. But do they divert a patrol for this? At least those are often on the street, but ambulance cars are usually stationed.

That stretch of 80 is covered pretty well by the CHP. A car could be there in a couple of minutes, and it wouldn’t divert them much from any other critical business.


NSFL tag please


Okay, that sound reasonable then.

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There are signs all over the freeways encouraging you to report drunk drivers. I’m sure they’d have no problem with you reporting this as well.


It would have been so awesome if he could have saved it after that first spin. But, yeah, who keeps riding after any kind of wobbles? Guy’s a dumbfuck.

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Yeah, bikes will do that. The bastards.

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That was horrific. Difficult to watch. In fact, I couldn’t get all the way through. Why, oh why won’t people film in landscape mode? Is it that hard?


I’m calling bullshit. Calling the cops was 100% the right thing to do here. They’d rather be dealing with the issue than the aftermath.


More that they have no Good Samaritan culture. Laws don’t exist like that where I live but I still stop and help when people have accidents. I do it because others have helped me in the past, and I think its the right thing to do.


Some people do not want to hear this, but for the West, it was the Christian variant of the Abrahamic religion, which made helping your neighbor, a stranger and even loving your enemy a thing. Similar in the Muslim countries, sans the love thy enemy, which wasn’t universally observed in Christendom anyway. Some other religions mandated comparable rules, but not all do and it didn’t catch on in all regions.

A friend of mine, also German, once practically aborted his trip through China because an Australian woman got sick and had to stay at the hospital. She spoke no Chinese. Care was supposed to be done by family members. Basically no one, including the doctors, could understand why he didn’t abandon a fleeting acquaintance in a foreign land unless he got something out of it.