Motorcyclist pulls drinking mug from bumper of moving car [Video Link] “My daugh-ter!” (Via Digg) READ THE REST

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Her daughter makes a dumb mistake, and the rider makes a dangerous choice, and the driver chooses to address the former. What a world.

Looks like viral marketing attempt for helmet cam.

Seems kind of ungrateful how she immediately dumped it out.


I have to admit, I’ve walked back to the fire engine after going to an emergency call to find a coffee cup on the inside corner of the tailboard. Tailboards are generally larger and a diamond plate surface, but its still amazing what will stay there while going around corners. The POV of the camera kept freaking me out since I felt like I was driving the motorcycle, but someone kept jerking my head around LOL. Was it truly that dangerous? I think the speed of the vehicles is hard to actually gauge due to the wide angle nature of go-pro type cameras.

NOFX’s “You Drink, You Drive, You Spill” makes a decent soundtrack for this clip:

“Don’t drive like my brother.”

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i know it’s not exactly the same, but as a former bicycle messenger, this pushed all the right buttons for me.


I love the response, like this happens all the time.

How in gods name do you a. take your hand off the throttle at that speed and not drop back and b. more impressive, control the clutch having transferred the mug to your left hand and c. care so little about how much it would hurt when you drop the bike at that speed?


I’ve shut someone’s fuel door before, but never pulled something off a car.


Cruise control?

Must. Not. Make. Mitt Romney. Joke.

Throttle lock, presumably.

Different strokes for various folks, huh.

True dat! I rode for many many years without a scratch. When I was finally t-boned at an intersection there was absolutely nothing I could have done about it. Leg broken in three places.

Lucky the truck driver did not pull left as he picked up the cup as another vehicle was directly behind him. Tailing the truck to an intersection and stopping or at a much reduced speed would be a safer method of cup retrieval.

Insert picture Indian family of 7 on same motorcycle.

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  • did he put the cup down on his brake lever when he had to get back on the throttle?
  • re: clutch, you could probably pull the clutch easily with a mug in your hand

Also, look at the coffee that she dups out, and how fast ( or really, slow) her car moves past it. They were barely moving when he gave her the cup. As I said before, I think the speeds are hard to judge with that camera POV.

bound to be taken as conern-troll-y, but…

no matter the mad skillz (see, i’m hip, i’m uzing a “z”), and the assumed fact that the rider might have supreme control, there are a lot of variables at play here. if the driver gets spooked and brakes or swerves, any number of things can happen – to the driver, to the rider, to any vehicle behind, to any potential cyclist or pedestrian ahead or beside.

hey, if the motorcyclist gets creamed, well, that’s his or her own choice. but if there is collateral damage to innocent folks – or if someone has to pay (either financially or psychologically) for peeling a mushy rider off the road – then the price of the damage is all of a sudden other people’s real issues.

maybe i’ve spent too much time on the road as a cyclist, but i really prefer it when people remain predictable and give as much attention as possible to their task at hand – whether it be driving a car, driving a motorcycle, riding a bike, or walking down the street.

and having just sprained my wrist, two days ago, in an extremely slow-moving cycling accident, i also recognize that bad things can happen even when the participants aren’t moving very fast.

ah, well, maybe i’m getting old and just don’t get it anymore.

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