WATCH: Gentleman mods daughter's pink mini-Mini

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Ridiculously unsafe. Best dad ever.


First hand lesson in torque steer…

He did kind of luck out that everything was basically bolt up.


Extreme torque steering - it looks like it’s right-rear wheel drive vehicle - no power at all to the left rear wheel…

Well, it does look like the warp-speed control is in his hands, not the child’s.

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Swapping the 6volt battery in those to 12volt (keeping the stock motor) is a pretty time-tested hot rod move. This is moar better.
Watching a “car” torque steer from the rear is a new and wonderful thing.
I’m also shocked by how powerful a motor that small can actually be (yeah gear reduction yeah)


Quality dadding.


Convenient indeed that it was such an easy swap. Also, his daughter riding in that tiny little car that she was obviously too big for was very humourous to me.

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Kid needs a helmet. That first launch off the slab could have gone very badly.

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For that speed and that height? Our generation didn’t have helmets nor lots of other amenities, the generatios before even less so… how only could we survive when according to today’s safety standards we should all be dead or at least maimed? An occasional bruise adds to the learning experience.


Well, they knew an awful lot less about the effects of concussions when we were kids, as well.


Really? I mean, I’d be surprised if it was going more than 6 mph. Do you wear a helmet when you go jogging?


All I see is adequate supervision


I would be more impressed if it could get up to around 120 mph. Hey, those screams sound different now!

Three words: solid rocket booster!

…or one word: JATO.

At these speeds, the energies are negligible. Stumbling and falling down in a situation where nobody would even think about asking for protective devices (stairs come to mind) involve quite higher energies.


Not really; the Mabuchi 540 is everywhere. I keep wanting to put one of those hot RC motors in a cordless drill…

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I wonder whether Colin Furze had children. If so, I wonder if anyone ever found them afterwards.

Not if the bruise is on your frontal lobe. Then it can become much harder to learn or experience anything.

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If I could be a child again, I’d love to be his one. That’d be a hell of a dad to emulate and succeed and exceed.

Depends on the energies involved. There has to be a safe-enough threshold somewhere, or we couldn’t go to the streets without pedestrian helmets and foam-padded protective clothing.


Standard scrub move - upgrading the engine before upgrading the wheels, breaks, and steering.