Dad riding motorcycle suspended from a rope: Either an idiot or best dad ever




Darwin Award winner in 3…2…1…


What are every redneck’s last words?



More, “Hold my beer and watch this, y’all!”


Yeah very much a hey look at this moment.
Am I bad thinking that with a more safety minded setup that it would kinda fun to try though?


Hard to say which is more redneck - the motorcycle stunt, or the fact that they don’t know which way to hold a camera to shoot video.


Doesn’t look that much dangerous, actually.
If we don’t count not wearing a helmet.

Edit: Also, a beautiful, truthful comment from Reddit that just sums it up:
I’d rather die having fun than to die remembering having fun. – gulpeg


This is a brilliant idea.

I have often felt swings are lacking in entertainment, also wheels and a motor.

This fixes everything!!


needs more fire!


You could probably get into some reasonable trouble gunning the engine too much and being hit by several hundred pounds of swinging metal isn’t going to be fun.
But on the whole, I’ve done more dangerous things and if I had a chook-chaser and a tree, I’d totally try it. :smiley:


That’s what the helmet, and the rolling-away skill, are for! :smiley:


Now if only that was a sex swing…


“This video is a good example of why men tend to have shorter lifespans than women”

Yes but we live it fully :smiley:


Either an idiot or best dad ever

He can be both!


I would like someone to fund a study looking at the correlation between the stupidity of an event being recorded and the orientation of the phone shooting it.


Anyone else disappointed he wasn’t crushed by a gigantic tree branch?


Aww, admit it. Most of y’all are just jealous he thought of it first and didn’t get squished.


Yeah, pussies.

Dude knew the score; if you come off the bike, GTFO of the way, without waiting to get up.

Pretty simple situation.

Earns a gold star from me, for the creativity and fun, not to mention the sheer silly (not silly-dangerous; silly-WTF).


The size of that bike indicates it’s a kid-size dirt bike. No where near several hundred pounds.


Count me in the “looks fun and a lot less dangerous than sky diving or parasailing” crowd.

And I love the fact that someone came home to see their dad engaged in this. Having fun, not doing it for the kids, just having fun.