Lady Gaga gave the SXSW keynote

Here is a couple of links to different perspectives on it:

So, I think she’s actually discussing some interesting issues here–she says to “sell in” not sell out, she argues that having corporate sponsors who let her do what she wants is not selling out, she dismisses the comparisons with her and Katy Perry… etc. I thought the use of the term “sell in” was really interesting, too. It sounds an awful lot like the whole corporate speak feminism of Sandberg, with the “lean in” argument/brand. I also think it’s interesting to compare it to this trailer for an upcoming documentary, which talks about the general gender disparity in the (danish and international) music industry:

and here is a full length interview with Palmer that talks about some of these issues:

Thoughts? Should musicians be considered artists or workers? What does either of those things mean in regards to the fact that we are discussing a multi-billion dollar global industry, which has a major stake in shaping out economy through means such as the writing of copyright laws (domestically or globally)? Is it feminist to work within and navigate the corporate world, or is it working at odds with real feminist interests?


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