Remixing Taylor Swift to talk about women in tech

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Does the video suggest that only women are treated a like drones in the tech industry? Because the message is unclear.


Oh my god: someone else remembers VR.5?

How is this dynamic gender specific? There’s a meat grinder awaiting everybody in tech.

Not sure I get the point of this video.


To consider that promotional material encourages women to enter an industry that exploits talent seems like a hollow victory. (Name an industry that doesn’t exploit talent?) But why should women be excluded from the soul sucking rigors of modern employment?

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If you want equality, you should not be surprised when you get equality.

Yea, logged in just to comment. on the message.

Let me begin:

I know who Taylor Swift is- not sure I have ever heard her sing a note.

I dont know who or what a Sumana is. But I think the quote is … interesting in the “why are socialists interested in getting women involved in the capitalist mode of production” sense.

Boy and Girls, men and women, of all ages- I encourage you to peruse a career in technology. The pay is decent( for now, amirite ) the work is comfortable and there is opportunity for all to make the wrold a better place.

That’s some fine commenting so far.

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Well a graduate degree will do a pretty good job of excluding most people from employment these days.

It seems like very often people get this idea that there is a happy personal utopia that is just out their grasp because of “them.” And the videos shown make it seem like tech work is some sort of holiday weekend slumber party rather than jobs that involve grueling work.

Paradise seems to be just out of reach for all those folks marching against Monsanto this weekend (well at least a couple dozen). They seem convinced that they would be living on an organic farm somewhere on Rock Candy Mountain, if only it weren’t for Monsanto. They can almost touch it. Obviously it’s a conspiracy.


What is often the case with videos and advertisements showing people working in tech is they rarely show anybody actually…you know…coding. There’s lots of staged pictures of young good looking people drawing on whiteboards or pointing at racks of routers with blinking lights. It would be a total snooze fest documenting a person sitting in a cube typing all day. (And what’s with movies depicting hackers as furiously banging away on their keyboards - doesn’t anybody use a mouse?)

Anyway…my first job was at a newspaper and I’d get calls from teachers wanting to tour the newsroom. Talk about boring. Just the thing that 12 year olds yearn to experience. I think they had visions of the old movies with loud clacking teletype machines and half-drunk reporters yelling “COPY!” at nobody in particular.

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Once you get addicted to console, you will develop a degree of dislike to mice. Whoever thought a mouse is a good idea also apparently thought humans have three hands.

What about getting some old teletypes from eBay, hooking them to a raspberry pi, and switching them on for the tours, for the giggles?

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