Lamar "SOPA" Smith dispatches GOP commissars to National Science Foundation


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I thought for a moment we were talking about this guy.

But no. Apparently Texas is a whole 'nother country.


When I see what Smith has written about the research he’s “reviewed,” he so grossly misrepresents it that it’s clear he not only didn’t try to understand what the research was actually about, but he seems to be deliberately misunderstanding the nature and purpose of the research. I can only assume that he’s doing this to disingenuously gain support for his more general anti-science position. I know he’s a total moron and that can’t help with his comprehension, but it still seems like he’s really going out of his way to not understand things.


It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary re-election depends upon his not understanding it!’


GOP practices communism?

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(Bleakly) amusingly, this sort of activity is what ‘political correctness’, and the enforcement thereof, actually looks like.


Have I mentioned how I really hate this guy? Seriously. Letting him anywhere near the NSF is like having John Wayne Gacy Jr. teaching at a clown college.


He’s preaching to the lockstep followers of Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Fox News, etc. Comprehension and fact checking are not only not required, but can actually be dangerous to precious, fragile beliefs. They would rather believe nonsense than risk the loss of their comfortable world view.


Christ. What an asshole


I tend to write my congresscritters every now and then, and reading this story, I wondered if writing them about this nonsense would be worth the time. Certainly everyone in Congress knows Smith does this shit, and says the shit that he does, so what could be done to curtail this sort of nonsense?

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Yep. Weirdly enough, they have actually turned themselves into CommieNazis! Quite a trick, that.

Pity me as I was gerrymandered into Lammie’s district (from Lloyd Doggett’s). Or not. At least I get to vote against the fucking bastard now.


I bet this clown would change his tune about science if he caught some of that Ebola that’s going around his home state.

I’d like to know when we can start taxing churches for engaging in political interference.

What’s sauce for the goose…


Yeah, and he can count on them being uninterested in the truth as well.

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