Lamb wags tail when happy

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Seeing video like that reminds me I was lucky to grow up in a rural area. Every child should have the chance to hand feed lambs and kids, they’re such great fun. :smile:

It’s not often I say this, but there was way more lamb anus in that video than I expected.

Just a hint.

Australians probably shouldn’t post pictures of ‘cute’ lamb anus.

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Seems to be more a reaction to physical stimuli more than emotion, but either way they’re cute when they’re that age.

Not so much when you’re earning $4.75 an hour to shear sheep and spending most of your day covered in shit. That smell still haunts my dreams.

You’re right, we already have enough Kiwis and Welshmen trying to move over here, no need to start a tourism campaign to attract them.

Yeah I grew up on a farm too. after watching them romp a bit this was the first thing to be done:
bye bye tail! this is to prevent fly strike. (if you don’t know what that is you are in for a treat!)

It is almost as if sheep are social animals which like to send one another signals of emotion.

Jaak Panksepp would beg to differ. Even without his (extensive) work, it isn’t hard to extrapolate from we’re mammals and so are sheep; eating and being tickled (often) makes us feel happy; therefore an animal with the same deep brain circuitry probably has a similar affective experience …

Panksepp, J., & Biven, L. (2012). The archaeology of mind: Neuroevolutionary origins of human emotions. New York: W. W Norton.

Argh, yet another “cute food animal” post, designed to turn us vegetarian.

Dogs WISH they could wag like that.

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