Landmark ruling shows Canada has one of the world's worst DRM laws

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Oh, no! Canada is catching American!


This just means that we will have to go back to buying them from Hong Kong like the good ol’ days. Anyone got a spare R4 card kicking about?


Around the time this passed, is when I realized that the letters I’d written, petitions I’d signed, the signs I’d held up and even the conversations with everyone I knew did literally nothing at all.

Protest only works if you’re being listened to.


that same DRM circumvention is illegal under the DMCA and its various US led incarnations in countries throughout the world. what exactly makes this canadian law one of the world’s worst? you forgot to include that important information.

The law certainly isn’t good, but i thought it was still better then most DMCA variants?..if it is worse, i’d really like to know specifically how and in what ways.


Jesus Canada!! You’re supposed to be the ones standing up to the corps, not rolling over like US politicians!

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You’d think Canada would be a bit careful.

It was explained to me some years ago by some folks in Edmonton that the tax on recordable media essentially had the unintended consequence of legalizing all forms of piracy. Because they already pay for it in the added taxes on media.

Totally separate sidebar: I love Canada. It’s great. Politics aside, it’s just a nice place to hang out.



ETA: oh well, tried to put some letters in there . . .


Yup. Private Copying, eliminated by bill c-11. Every Canadian had the right to copy any audio for private use, just not redistribute. Pirate streaming is still legal, though.

You need a & instead of the $

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Yeah, I can never remember, so I have it in a text file. This time I tried to do it from memory. That worked well. :rolling_eyes:

And non-breaking space; that help?

Beat that drum, Cory. You’re repetitive on copyright issues, but so is that blurb that plays at the beginning of every movie on disk.

Aside: I find the fact that you can actually skip past the anti-pirate banners on the Mr. Robot DVD’s refreshingly subversive.

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