Landscape With Invisible Hand: Late Stage Capitalism, by way of a YA alien invasion novel

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In 2002, MT Anderson blew up the YA dystopia world with Feed, his zeitgeisty, prescient novel about “identity crises, consumerism, and star-crossed teenage love in a futuristic society where people connect to the Internet via feeds implanted in their brains” – in his latest, Landscape with Invisible Hand, Anderson takes us to a world where neoliberal aliens have sold Earth’s plutocrats the technologies to make work obsolete and with it, nearly human being on earth.


Who needs aliens to get this to happen…? The neocons and neolibs have been trading spit for years in the back closets of power, trying to make exactly this scenario happen, sans aliens.


Well, that all depends on whether you consider Lizard People to be naturalized citizens of earth at this point… :wink:


I was hoping that they’d be part of the Federation.

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Extremely benevolent aliens are actually just about as unlikely as extremely hostile aliens ^^’.

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I have no data to make an assessment.

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This stage, it is late?


“nearly human being on earth.”

Yesh. Things are getting bad.


We’re really only a step or two away; rapid automation will replace most of us, blue-collar or white-collar. I still don’t get how office workers think they’re immune, as they ignore the problem growing in manufacturing; NOTHING is easier to automate than paperwork =o.

Once they don’t need me and thee, we’re simply hosed, until/unless we burn it all down around everyone’s ears. Looks like “transhumanism” didn’t mean quite what we thought it did…

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