Laramie County, Wyoming Sheriffs' department blocks public records requests for their prison phone monopoly deal

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How strange, a cop that doesn’t give a fuck about the law…


The Laramie, Wyoming County Sheriff’s Department claims that its contracts are “trade secrets” and off-limits to public scrutiny.


I think we can safely assume that a lot of these guys are also scared that a deeper investigation will also show a lot of personal, highly illegal kickbacks as well, so are trying to stonewall the initial portion of the investigation.


"The results suggest that most men were successful in at least four of the measured areas and that family contact during incarceration was positively associated with reentry success."

So - yeah - let’s make that more difficult so you can keep those prisons full.


That is a novel take on a public contracts that the law in Wyoming most likely does not support. It certainly isn’t a position supported by public contract law here in Michigan.

@NovaeDeArx: I suspect you are onto the truth in this matter.


never mind!

“Every crappy thing in the world is beta-tested on people who have little or no power, perfected, and brought to the rest of us”
—Hanna Arendt, paraphrased


No officer, you can’t enter my house. The operation of my home is a trade secret off-limits to public scrutiny.



as much it fails to be okay, it is typical. i’ve talked at length in other threads about how prisons and jails use rotten food and skimpy portions in combination with expensive commissary systems with punitive online experiences to immiserate the poor who are typically the friends and family of prisoners. this is just another part of the same thing.


I know; that’s the really fucked up part.

So many things that are ‘not okay’ are still incredibly common.


All I can say about the Laramie, Wy. Sheriffs is that they treated me pretty well. One time after an eight day solo back pack in the Medicine Bow Mtns. I got a motel room and walked into town for a few beers and a steak dinner. I drank all night and didn’t know where my motel was. The sheriffs picked me up and took me to my room and made sure I got in the door okay. But then again I’m white, so there’s that.

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The location Laramie, Wyoming is misleading as the city of Laramie does not lie in Laramie County. A little oddity of our neck of the woods. Laramie, WY is the county seat of Albany County while Cheyenne, WY is in Laramie County.

yep. at least you recognize the idea of privilege.


Couldn’t we try not doing that? Just to see what happens?

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