Wyoming's Ag-Gag law makes it a crime to gather evidence of crime

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They impose up to a year in prison, a $1,000 fine, and civil trespassing liability for people who enter open lands without permission…

Maybe “open lands” isn’t a very good name for them anymore.


Luckily, the new law is unable to be enforced, due to itself.


Maybe The United States of America isn’t a very good name for us anymore.


Doesn’t that also make this article and any accompanying discussion just as illegal?

Wait… damnit! Thoughtcrime!


The Data Censorship Statutes not only obstruct the ability of Americans to collect and communicate such resource data to government agencies, they also require government agencies to ignore—and in some cases, to expunge—resource data that a member of the public or the media has collected from open land in Wyoming without express authorization.

Can we file this under no shit Sherlock?

I sure as hell don’t feel ‘United’… hm, I guess we could adjust the title to: The Fractured and Polluted States of America.


Isn’t the world of Republican “liberty” fun?


This sounds similar to a prohibition on science discussions of global warming on the floor , and keeping the CDC from looking at gun deaths. They don’t test for mad cow disease in the US either. If you don’t look for it, then there is no wrongdoing.


Amalgamated States then?

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Maybe… though at this point whenever anyone even mentions the United States of America around me I can’t help but immediately think of the moment in Dr. Strangelove as Major Kong rides the nuke to oblivion; and Major Kong of course, to me at least, represents the U.S. of A.

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