North Dakota must drop outrageous charges against journalist Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now"

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I hope she makes them rue the day and gets a great article out of it, too. That prosecutor should feel ashamed of themselves. Basing a charge on his worthless critique of what she writes for the publication as a journalist is beyond offensive.


I expect ND will do the wrong thing and eventually regret it tremendously.


That’s why the USA ranks 41 on the World Press Freedom Index.


I don’t understand how using dogs for security (or even as police weapons) isn’t considered animal cruelty and a human rights violation. It’s cruel to the dog. It’s cruel to the humans.

If dogs attack humans unintentionally, the dog can get put down and the owner gets fined or worse depending on the severity of the attack. If dogs are sicced on a human being, it’s okay because we told them to?


It’s spelled “Democracy NOW!”. All-capitals on the second word, and an exclamation mark.

Once of the many reasons why I can never listen to more than 5 minutes of that show, no matter how potentially interesting the topic actually is. It’s name, logo, speaking style, the production values, everything about it is self-parody. It’s basically Indy Media slightly more reputable grandmother.


“Everything she reported on was from the position of justifying the protest actions,"

Sounds like the prosecutor doesn’t know squat about journalism. What does he think Amy Goodman should have done? Invent arguments in favor of the security’s violence? She reported newsworthy facts, that’s her job, and to hell with conspicuous “objectivity”.

“Objectivity is five minutes for Hitler and five minutes for the Jews.” Jean-Luc Godard


Zen koan: If on an Indian reservation, a dog bites a protester, and no one saw it, did it happen?


It’s name, logo, speaking style, the production values, everything about it is self-parody. It’s basically Indy Media slightly more reputable grandmother.

Oh bullshit, I listen to it almost every day, and sure, it’s not as slick as corporate media, but it’s gotten better, and it consistently covers news, events and analysts that corporate shills won’t cover because they’re afraid to do so or they’re just not allowed to. I think it’s fantastic that the show’s audience keeps growing. Go Amy!


This type of intimidation is increasing everywhere. If by some tragedy Drumpf gets elected, then this will become common pace. HRC will have a lot of company in prison.


More like Drumpf would get impeached so fast his hair would get up and run away. Drumpf doesn’t understand the Constitution or the laws, so he would be bound to run afoul of many of them in his orders to the point that if one didn’t get him impeached, another would.


DN was my first introduction to other-than-corporate media and I appreciate them for helping bust me out of the corporate news bubble. I take the production values as a necessary consequence of not being part of the corporate food chain and therefore being less well funded. For me, DN continues to remind me that there are many stories worth telling. I send them (some) money.


I have a lot of respect for Amy Goodman. She has been doing fantastic and daring work for as long as I can remember. We need more reporters like her. Heck we need more people like her.


You might want to add “Piñatas at twelve O’clock!!” to the top of your post.

Whoops, apparently one’s been eaten by dragons. Must have been better candy in that one!

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I am not sure that being a journalist grants you immunity from prosecution if you accompany the subjects of your story while they are trespassing. From what I can find, the construction and protest is occurring on private land near the Standing Rock reservation. I would not want the pipeline in my backyard either. But if I were to protest it, and that protest involved trespassing, I would assume that there was a risk of charges being filed. It would become a matter of what personal risk I was willing to take for my principles. I feel like the protesters of the 60s and 70s understood this.
But maybe there is some legal precedent for non-participant journalists to have immunity in such cases. It is an interesting question.
Personally, I support the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts to keep their water supply unpolluted. The Climate Disobedience Action people do not have my support. They just want to stop all fossil fuel use immediately. Not after we build alternate energy infrastructure. Today. I am guessing that they have not spent very much time contemplating what would actually happen if we just shut all the power plants off.

Actually, a woman familiar with how security situations involving the use of dogs “should be” handled, was totally horrified with how poorly this situation was handled, especially involving the dogs. I have since forgotten the name of the people who furnished the dogs, but this well-informed woman knew of these people and that they were from Ohio where the state monitors this sort of thing and she said she was going to file a complaint with the state of Ohio. As all of this origianlly took place at Labor Day weekend, about a month ago, I presume this has been done. She either knew Amy Goodman or Amy knew of her… I watched it all on Democracy Now at that time, as I myself was horrified at the way that particular dog was swatted by a woman who encouraged it to go into the crowd, and the dog did what dogs do…in those situations.


I think the operative paragraph in the story above is… This has happened to Amy Goodman in the past, and after all was said and done, she went back and sued for breach of her rights under the First Amendment and received a $100,000 settlement in that case. Period. End of Story.


Good for her!! Fight this BS charge. Do it loudly. Do it publicly. More people need to be aware of this story. Go Amy!


Note there are other journalists and documentarians also getting arrested.

Related news, Red Warrior Camp just put out a call for more people to come join the protectors.

Also see /r/NoDAPL.



North Dakota government really wanted that pipeline to be made, along with everyone else in the fossil fuel industry.

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