Trump White House suspends credentials for CNN's Jim Acosta UPDATE: Sanders uses Prison Planet video as "proof"


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It’s almost like he doesn’t think actual facts matter. Shocking!




I’m already seeing the Right’s take on this that, “Acosta chopped that poor girl’s arm and it crossed a line that made Trump temporarily lose his temper. The video is proof.”



The GOP refuses to believe any woman who says she was harassed or assaulted without airtight forensic evidence and seventeen witnesses, but immediately accepts the claim that Acosta put his hands on an intern even though dozens of reporters and LIVE, UNOBSTRUCTED HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO FOOTAGE say otherwise.


I listened to the whole press conference on the radio this morning. It had some pretty bizarre moments. The press was maybe a little too repetitive on asking the Donald about the Mueller investigation; why remind him? As for Acosta, I couldn’t see any assault on the radio, but he was pretty stubborn and aggressive, so I’m not sure he’s 100% blameless in all this.


Two qualities that are essential for any good reporter.

Anyway, they didn’t claim they banned him for being “stubborn and aggressive.” They claimed they banned him for doing something that video footage clearly shows he didn’t do.


By all means, let’s be overly fair to the White House. Lord knows they’ll jump at the chance to be fair back.


That’s our Trump! :laughing:

What crazy shenanigans will he get up to next!?


Fuck me, Sanders even shared the doctored footage (audio removed, sped up to make Acosta’s arm motions faster) being passed around the alt-right space.

Here is the normal clip:

On top of it after bumping her arm he turns to her and apologized, and then turned back. The levels of faking a controversy from the ones constantly calling anyone not voting R over sensitive is staggering.


In this day and age, the WH doesn’t have the technical expertise at the mixing board to cut a particular mic from their sound inputs?



I don’t see any reason to not point out that Acosta was being a bit of a prick, no matter what one feels about the president’s behavior (today or any other day). It is an important part of the context behind what happened.

I didn’t post to express support for the ban, and I agree that the reason given for the ban is not his aggression, but I assume that’s the actual reason.

There are ways to be an effective reporter at these things without trying to simply outmuscle Trump, which is frankly a waste of time. I thought that overall the press did a worse job today than they usually do.


So what?

Up until recently, the press has all but handled this monstrosity of a presidency with fucking kid gloves; rarely if ever pushing back at all the flagrant lies, nonsensical inconsistencies and obvious bullshit, and all that’s done is enable 45 and his regime.

I’m really getting fed up with the ridiculous idea that everyone else needs to be held to some high minded standard that the highest office of the land doesn’t even come close to.


If I’d thought Acosta’s questioning was even slightly useful, either by hammering on a fiendishly probing question or by forcing Trump into a corner then it wouldn’t have struck me as unnecessarily aggressive.


It’s be such a shame if someone dropped a sanitary burner phone with a time-delay play at the conference.


Oh look, they DO know that word!

They just never use it unless somebody is lying about THEM :thinking:


Regardless to how “aggressive” Acosta was or how much of an entitled asshole he is in general, that’s not the fucking point.

The point is that this is yet another flagrant abuse of power that will likely go unchecked… never mind the side of bullshit gaslighting they’re serving with it.

That’s a much bigger concern to me, than whether some reporter is a dickhead or not.

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If the WH had revoked the credentials saying he didn’t play by the ground rules, we could have this conversation.

No, no, no, NO, NO, NO! NO! NO! NO!

The federal government is denying a journalist access to the president on patently and obviously false accusations backed up with doctored video.

Let that sink in a moment.

We can not allow something this outrageous to be diminished by any other factors. You cannot say, sure, the charges are made up, the evidence was planted, and the trial was a farce, but the guy was probably guilty of something.



Well he’s fucked then.

An apology is an admission of wrongdoing, and admitting you did wrong is for LOSERS :-1: /s