In power, Trump will punish the media first


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Well, I’m glad someone was able to cut through that incoherent mess of a quote. Thanks, Rob!


I’m just waiting to be told that “Worth bearing in mind” is ungrammatical, you call this journalism!


Did that dude ever pass a civics class? Come to think of it, did he ever even go to school?


Of course he went to school. The greatest, most expensive school you could imagine.


Actually, not too long ago, NPR interviewed a HS classmate. He had gone to some NYC private school, but was a bully and wouldn’t listen, so his family sent him to a military school in upstate NY, where he apparently excelled.


Well, it serves the media right for criticizing him. Look, there’s nothing in the Constitution about Freedom of the Press. And even if there is, it only says that Congress can’t pass laws about it. It says nothing about the Executive branch unilaterally shutting them down.


OK, so Trump has a problem with the Washington Post. And the Post has a problem with Bernie Sanders.


Who’s Bernie Sanders?




…because there isn’t any bullying in military school…


I didn’t say that. He rose to the top, likely because he could work the system to his advantage in a form of institutionalized bullying. I’m not a fan of military schools, as a general rule.


I’m agreeing with you, that is what I was trying to imply…


Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood! Glad we agree! :wink:


“By donating, I agree that: …I am not a federal contractor…”
–the employees of federal contractors are always gripping the poopy end of the stick, and now they’re denied the opportunity to donate to the candidate most likely to change their lot?


I feel bad for whoever has to transcribe his syphilitic rambling.


The Automated Read Index calls it about right for my money, otherwise I’d go for:

Text Transcript: Unreadable Because Stupid.


Where he evidently perfected his bullying skills.


I’m sure it just wasn’t there. I’m sure he got plenty of messages at home about his right to bully others, because $$$$$$$$.