Larry Ellison’s Oracle wants to acquire TikTok: Report

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Tiktok Standard Edition may only be licensed on mobile devices that have a maximum capacity of 2 sockets. In addition, notwithstanding any provision in Your Tiktok license agreement to the contrary, each Tiktok Standard Edition may use a maximum of 16 CPU threads at any time. The minimums when licensing by Named User Plus (NUP) metric are 10 NUP licenses per server.
The Tiktok Enterprise Edition requires a minimum of 25 Named User Plus per Processor licenses or the total number of actual users, whichever is greater…


Why in the hell is every big tech company obsessed with getting involved in social media? I worked for Aol in 2008 when they bought Bebo for damn near $1B. What is Bebo? Exactly. It was hugely popular in the UK so it made sense that America Online bought it, I guess? Our fucking moron of a CEO eventually got fired over it, too. Aol then sold it for something absurd like $10M only ~2 years later. Helluva write-down, though.


This whole Tik-Tok is dangerous seems more and more just a ploy to force a non american competitor to sell their operation to the Silicon valley Tech/finance-complex. The american dominance over the techoligopoly must not be disturbed. Plain old imperialism.

It is not like Facebook is not malware.


Oh, so is “Larry Ellison’s Oracle” the new name of plain old Oracle that everyone knows and loves?

everyone knows and loves

I think we’re talking about a different Oracle.


Yep. That’s the one I mean!

Oracle Tik Tok - oracle owns all copyright of all content and will enforce it rabidly. Will come to your house to make sure you comply.
Microsoft Tik Tok Enterprise Edition - site licenses for one low scaling fee to fit you business needs. To be folded into Tik Tok Skype Business Edition.
Tik Tok by FACEBOOK - won’t change much except the branding but will pool login data with all other services.
Google Tik Tok - will become the next messenger platform until it’s shut down and replace by a competing service.

Tik Tok should just give the U.S. the finger. And Europe should be looking into the U.S. companies for doing exactly what Tik Tok is accused of doing.


The Oracle in the Matrix?


Every time I hear about Larry Ellison, I get a strange mashup of Larry Niven and Harlan Ellison in my mind. Gotta be a Star Trek episode in there somewhere…


Is this the same Larry Ellison who recently held a big fundraiser for Trump? Hmmm… I wonder who Trump will decide gets to purchase TikTok?


For the influencer who needs high volume meme-in-memory support and SPARC64?

Forget social networking, it’s social switched fabric time!


This just makes sense. The kids love Larry Ellison!


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He’s closer to Harlan I think. Or maybe Larry Ellison is the person Harlan Ellison would like to be.

From per-processor licensing to… per-follower? Oracle said to be in talks to buy TikTok’s US operations


The Register therefore wonders if there aren’t other motives behind the bid. Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Microsoft have a long enmity so bidding for TikTok could see Redmond pay even more for an already-contentious outfit. Or perhaps Oracle represents a useful corporate shelter for other ByteDance investors who could park the company under a Big Red umbrella before Donald Trump’s deadline for TikTok to dispose of itself or be banished from America as part of his tough-on-China rhetoric.

Speaking of Trump, Ellison is a known admirer of the American president. Could he be playing politics in some other weird way?

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Oracle has remained silent on its intentions and has offered no hint of why it finds TikTok attractive. Speculation currently centers on the possibility of integrating TikTok user data with Oracle’s marketing products, which could increase their value for business-to-consumer marketers.


At the Yuma rally, Trump reiterated that he believes the US Treasury should take a cut for his part in any deal.

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