Last chance to help fund series on history's most defiant women

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So last time this got posted, I commented on how it was stupid to say “women who defied history”. I didn’t articulate why I thought that very well (ActionAbe did, though).

Anyhow, this is a good way to phrase it. It’s easy to understand what’s being said. Bravo for the re-wording. Hopefully it makes its way back to FF.

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I approve of the message but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s just a way for Anita to play dress up.


How about you use your money for something that would actually help women…

Supporting an inspirational series on historically important but often under-appreciated women does not preclude supporting women in other ways as well.


Anyone interested in this should also check in on, which regularly discusses awesome overlooked characters of history. (I particularly loved their take on Ching Shih.)

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I was struggling to remember the name of that one. “Was it Real Life Disney Princesses? Maybe Alternative Disney Princesses? There are way too many Disney Princess remixes out there.”

Anyway, yes, this all seems much the same. Oh well.

What?! Not everything is a zero-sum game?! Say it ain’t so!


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