Last one - I promise

Its a little meta. And metaphorical. An RPG thought experiment

Say you’re… batman… but from a DC universe where everything is tiny scale.

You do a great job. Excellent batman. All the villians locked up. Gotham cleaned up. Its nice.

But you can’t stand to look at it. You and catwoman retire to the real world… where all super heroes go.

Get a nice little place. Farm. Its awesome. Cats.

And you find something sad. Like landmines people are leaving things for kids to find. In places everyone forgot they put stuff.

You know how kids are. And how dangerous things hurt people.

But what if the things they find are dangerous. To them and everyone.

90% of everyone. Pretty obtainable. Some kids are very confused. And sometimes one will come along looking for a landmine, and thats a mess…

You know. You’ve helped soo many kids stay away from landmines!! and all the other shit batmen do.

Like… but there it is, and look… oh more. And ah.

Theres so many awful things people used to do. And you know one more thing…

RPG remember. You have an alternate history of the Cuban Missle Crisis. You know its the thing that saved the world.

Because a supervillian had made it all the way to a missle silo in germany with a plan. He gave that plan up sometime in 1962, when he was forced to consider it. One bad day for that supervillian and it woulda been curtains.

Unless you believe in god. Believing in god is a win state in this game.

Its the same as no answer. Or a blank answer. Players play without knowing it. Players who discover it do not begin play. They simply know we are playing.

Setting is today. Time is now.

You can call anyone, but then they know they’re playing the game. And that… may make them play any of the other games I’ve mentioned.

Its not my game. Its yours.

Pick who you call. to help you. Whatever you think is the best person to tell about the game, and why.

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State department. I’d go to them personally.

I suck at this game.

Its not a game for batmans. Its a game for we the people.

Or its a game for the people who decide what to do with people.

High stakes. Geez.

Nvm. Wrote my congressman. God save us all.

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Definitely not the gang from Pixels.

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