"Late stage capitalism" is the new "Christ, what an asshole"


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Did you ever want to play questions?

New? I have been using it most of my life, in some form or other. At least, until people finally stop confronting me with such things on a daily basis…




Late Stage Capitalism


Late stage capitalism?


“I wish I was taller.”



“On the Internet, everyone knows you’re a late stage capitalist.”


I like dogs.


“Late Stage Capitalism”


Late Stage Capitalism


Both are true. I think the second – even if completely avoidable – is a small price to pay for the first.


Note here that the total number of people in extreme poverty was roughly the same in 1810 and 2010. Now that’s what I call Late Stage Capitalism!

(Although we did manage to add 5.5b or so not in poverty, so there is that)



Source? Evidence?

Relative poverty or absolute poverty?

How do you define poverty?

How do you have exact figures for 1810 poverty?

Questions, questions, questions.


The British Government recently eradicated Child Poverty by the simple expedient of changing the criteria… Who says Central Government can’t achieve anything?


Late stage capitalism.


“what do you do for a living?”
“I’m a late stage capitalist.”
“Oh, look, my drink is empty. Later!”


“It’s dog-eat-dog, ha-ha!”