Laughing gas is promising treatment for depressions, according to new study

_____ is a promising new treatment for Depression =

“Researchers” have preliminary garbage pseudoscientific study that shows “improvement” in 6-8 weeks among people who… p-hacking caveat #1, p-hacking caveat #2, reason why we ignore people who left the study #1, reason why we ignore people who left the study #2, reason why we justify throwing out negative results #1 and #2… N-size = 11. Here’s the insane statistical methodology we used to justify this nonsense.

This garbage is always the same. Snorting Hummingbird Feathers a promising treatment for Depression. Smacking bowling balls into Jello promising treatment for Depression. Climbing a mountain in Peru and chugging a mixture of cocaine and donkey urine a promising treatment for Depression. Staring at flickering light bulbs while chanting Jonathan Livingston Seagull in monotone a promising treatment for Depression. It’s all garbage. P-hacking. Regression to the mean. Selective sample. Garbage.


As a side note, I did the math the other day. Given that Nitrous is 300x more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2, A box of 24 whippets has the same impact on the environment as burning about 6.5 gallons of gasoline. A moderately sized festival event can generate 10’s of thousands of gallons of gas worth of greenhouse gases from the Nitrous.

Nitrous in a whippet = .008kg
24 whippets = .192kg
.192kg * 300 = 57.6kg (equivalent of CO2)

CO2 from a gallon of gasoline = 8.89kg
57.6/8.89 = 6.47 (gallons of gasoline)


You sound SUPER fun at parties.


@tdeagan @YeomanRando You guys are depressing.

Have some nitrous.



Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.


I’ve had two friends almost completely lose the use of their legs from nitrous (this is well documented, but the system is blocking me from adding a link. Search for ‘nitrous oxide neurological’) so I’ve become pretty sour on it.

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  • Sangamon’s Principle," I said. "The simpler the molecule, the better the drug. So the best drug is oxygen. Only two atoms. The second-best, nitrous oxide-a mere three atoms. The third-best, ethanol-nine. Past that, you’re talking lots of atoms.
    Zodiac - Neal Stephenson
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I never understood people’s anxiety with dentists. I usually fall asleep in the chair.

When I was very young, I had a lot of work done and it just never occurred to me to be bothered about it.


That theory falls apart on closer examination: Chlorine gas - two atoms: dead.

Helium - one atom: harmless until it randomly kills you

It really doesn’t claim any molecule is a recreational drug.

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Here’s a thought. It’s the laughing itself. This also activates opioid receptors. That study speaks of “social laughter” so there may be a social component to it. (@Scientist ?)

Let’s see a study where they ask a bunch of other subjects with no laughing gas or placebo laughing gas to laugh after breathing it and compare both groups.


Oh I am not here to say abusing NOS is ok. I am not keen on abusing any drug. But if people aren’t going to stop using a drug due to health concerns, they certainly aren’t going to because of its effects on the amount of greenhouse effects.

As for not letting you post a link - depends how often you have posted. I think with your name grey like that you are sort of on probationary status, which limits your ability to post links and such. It’s to keep bots and others from posting scam links or sales junk after joining the site. Or trolls from abusing the site.


I recently asked my dentist why I’ve never been asked if I want some. He prefers to wait for the patient to ask OR if he can tell it would help (obvious signs of anxiety).

I’m lucky that I’ve never had a bad experience at the dentist. No anxiety, so he’s never brought it up.

What I do want is a camera so I can see what’s going on in there.


Indeed, this was used on me exclusively when I was a kid, and, unfortunately, I only associate this stuff with a visit to the dentist.

Anecdotally, I recently broke a couple bones real good, and I bought a couple cases of whippits, and did a recreational serving once a day - 3-5 cartridges in my charger and a 5-7 minute consumption period.

I was in a pretty good amount of pain through the healing process, and didn’t want to get heavy into opiates, and what I found was that that single dose, while it only had direct analgesic effects for the actual consumption period, served as a reset button for my pain level in general and that I got hours of relief following those few minutes where I got to jam out to some trippy shit.


I used to do NO a fair bit. Saw Buddha once - resplendent, berobed and alight, his slim fingers folded into elegant mudras, sitting half lotus at the center of an intricate mandala of infinite complexity that pulsed with multifaceted celestial intensity, bathing the entirety of my vision with gentle orange glows. He smiled that bodhisattvic half-smile of his, and told me that I was seeing him because my brain was out of oxygen, and that if I kept doing nitrous I would die. Then I fell out of my chair.

Many years later, I got back into it again, as part of an extinction burst as I was quitting drinking. Before it was over, I was literally ankle deep in empty bulbs - @Mister44’s photo above is uncomfortable but nowhere near that depravity. My arm operated as a kind of mechanical ratchet: place bulb in cream charger, screw holder down crack!, raise tip to mouth, whooosh, over and over and over. No Buddha this time. After I was done I had half a dozen garbage bags, double-bagged, as full of empty green, blue, and silver bulbs as they could be without tearing. I hauled them out over the course of two weeks, trying to be discreet, thanking the Great Whatever that I didn’t know anyone with crack, or meth, or heroin on hand. I went back to therapy after that.

And before all that, there was the talented bassist of a band I knew in my early 20s who died with a gas mask on his face, hooked up to a nitrous tank. Dumb way to go. Just fucking dumb. Or more recently, the perpetually childlike pajama-wearing candy raver who’d hit the balloon until he heard the helicopters and passed out, then wake up and hit it some more, mixing it with whatever the hell else he’d put in his head that night. The last time I saw him was very late on a New Year’s Eve several years ago, yelling at a mutual friend of ours - a long-unrequited crush of his - and insisting with acid-skewed sincerity that she was a witch. He fled in his Hyundai.

So…yeah. @YeomanRando’s got ahold of it, I think.

Fuck that gas.


and , if it works and one feels better , if any are left over , whipped cream !! ( for snack cakes , iced creamz , and mochas )
now , where are my balloons and ’ cracker ’ puncture thingie ??
oh !! there they are !! under my " al gore for prez " memorabilia
can haz ?? i noticed the carts at one of my local ’ head ’ shops recently ? “”"


(The mating call of the majestic whippet gremlin)

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