Laurie Penny at the DNC: "Dissent will not be tolerated. Protest will not be permitted."

I am in agreement. I’m just bringing up the email leak and the controversy surrounding it (and supporter’s reactions to him standing by Hilary) as support to the whole “This election is a mess” claim.

Um…uh… huh?

Yeah, sorry about that. But that doesn’t change the situation. Complaints about crying wolf don’t make much sense when there’s an actual wolf.


I’m afraid that’s dilemma. That there is an actual wolf and the credibility of the alarm has disappeared due to overuse.


Instead there’s been more of a ‘Clinton won, now all the Sanders people have to shut up and vote for her…regardless of whether or not issues that brought you to Sanders are respected’ attitude.

Not really, but the people who have been saying that shit are conspicuous in identifying themselves for future reference.


Why not take a positive, constructive approach to people who give you reason to hope?

Because death cult libertarians know nothing but the taste of asskissing. They know no other life and have no other ideas than to ask “Who’s ass? Who’s kissin’?”

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…in part due to the active efforts of the wolfpack to discredit the alarm.

In my 40+ years, I have never previously described a contemporary politician as a fascist.

I do describe Donald Trump as a blatant fascist, and I am told that this is not credible because of all these other people who have apparently misused the term so egregiously in the past.

The folks currently calling out Trump as a fascist are not just drunk 19 year olds in Che shirts talking shit at the uni bar.


Let’s just say that on the analog scale of possibilities that this country needs and could benefit from, there were a large number of them that weren’t incredibly complicated thoughts that did not happen…and instead things that I’m arguing (with context and clarity rather than your choice of responses…nifty little microcosm, that) are partly responsible for our unnecessary chaos … have occurred instead.

Is my preference left of center? Yes. That’s where the Democratic party should be. Is it left of Clinton? Obviously. But we’re not talking about crazy untested ideas here, we’re embarrassingly behind Northern Europe on a number of key issues and I for one don’t think we should settle for twenty-seventh best.

We shouldn’t let the right pull us in their direction. Compared to the Scandinavian countries we don’t HAVE a left.


Republicans were able to use this issue to take over both houses of Congress in 2010, and they still hold control today.

No. That was the narrative. What they did was dump money on state elections to seize control of redistricting.

Also, the DNC have been a peacetime B-squad since forever and didn’t see it coming.


From what I’ve read it seems worse than the public discourse about it. I’m focused on the emails that went back and forth between campaign and DNC responding to Sanders accusations about the victory fund. One small incident, but clearly collusion flowing both ways. But not a word in the media except a few small websites. But then again there were emails showing coordination between media outlets and the DNC. Sigh…


That’s my source? Really? That’s news to me. Here I thought my source was talking to local Greens whom, I hate to tell you, are dirty communist hippies (and pretty anti-science). Maybe it is a Berkeley and Bay Area thing but they aren’t science researchers at Cal. They’re the people telling me that the rays from my wifi and cellphone give them migraines…

I will admit that I haven’t read the Green Party’s platform in a decade or so, when it generated a vast and involuntary eye roll from me. Maybe I’ll do so again now but I doubt the Greens matter in this election (or any non-local ones).

I read this recently:

and I think that Umberto Eco might agree with you. (As do I.)

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Especially if she can get a liberal majority in Congress. It’s instructive to remember that the cost of getting Obamacare passed was the rise of the Tea Party - pushing for change can remove your ability to change.

By “rise” you mean the coincidental targeting of state legislatures with specific, apocyphal messages that were designed to take over redistricting in 2010. The teabaggers were never more than a bunch of useful idiots to give Fox the footage they could enhance to resemble a “popular” movement.


Huh. Could free college tuition actually kill off collegiate sports by itself?

From your lips to Dog’s floppy ear.




WAIT! is Vermin Supreme today’s Emperor Norton?


I’m seriously sick of his ass. Can’t he just shut up and write Dilbert from now on.


America is already Great.


Once again… one position we as Americans (or world citizens) can all get behind.



Depends on who you are and where you live, I’d say.