Law professors and computer scientists mull whether America's overbroad "hacking" laws ban tricking robots

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I’m tricking a robot right now.


That URL! :grin:

Also, I’m sure it all depends on who owns the robot, and who tricked it. Welcome to the 21st century.


Seems common sense that the current laws don’t apply on the face. But that doesn’t stop police from making disingenuous arguments about why they chose to do what they already chose to do.

My concern is legislators actually passing a DMCA type law when the first person sneaks in to have sex in the Oval Office with face paint. The ‘something has to be done’ mentality seems to be sufficient to erode any constitutional protections (except amendment 2).

Like that woman who hacked the uber robot by walking across the street and letting it kill her?


Also how it was tricked, specifically if a patent troll is sitting on something that might be infringed by the way it was tricked – usually some common thing but WITH A COMPUTER!

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Any laws “inspired” by the Transformers series yet?

Judges aren’t known for their common sense.

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Hopefully one that will prevent remakes that destroy chersihed childhood memories.

In computer circles, the call it Bay’s Law.

What a time to be alive…

So, this is how they are going to nail Elaine Herzberg, for fooling an Uber self driving car. What vampires! She’s dead. Have SOME decency.

After watching all those Boston Dynamics videos I think anti-bullying laws are going to be more applicable. Robot tricking is just mean and can’t be good for their self-confidence.

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