Lawsuit filed over ginger ale allegedly containing no ginger


You are correct. Twice even:

Maybe @SeamusBellamy needs to read BoingBoing?


This works for legislators because many if not most legislators are really lawyers. Guess who profits the most from a class-action lawsuit? Surely not the class members, because they will each receive a generous $10 voucher for more ginger ale (or whatever the beverage will be called when the lawsuit is through). The lawyers, OTOH, will be rewarded for their trouble by means of a nice fat payment in real money.


It says there’s Ginger right on the label. If there isn’t, yes, sue.


That may have something to do with it but I don’t think it’s the full answer.

European legislators tend to be from a law background quite often (that’s if they didn’t go straight from a politics degree into politics) but we don’t have that insistence on ‘market’ remedies.

We don’t have class action lawsuits to anywhere near the same degree (and I can assure you our lawyers like making money as much as anyone else :slight_smile: ).

There’s a cultural difference regarding “guv’mint interference” vs. individual rights and obligations.


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